Powerful And Heavy, Desperate And Emotional.

Oh my God!… Seriously!…

The Humanist, conceived and produced by Rob Marshall is an album devoid of the superlatives of description, because there are truly not enough to carry it to where it deserves to be!! It is an album bordering on the Godly if such a thing even cares to exist, inspired from a life tragically lost, it is an album of everything that makes superior musical genius, well …. genius!. Powerful and heavy, desperate and emotional, each track throws mud at you, delighting at each messy hit, each blessed stain.

There are no highlights, because, it is a highlight, whole. Headphones on, volume loud, the sounds that escape it’s beating core, chase your every waking emotion until they are enveloped and wrapped warmly in a pair of tight fitting brilliance that even you look good in! A collaborative musical essay that portrays the essence of tragedy, yet yields a delicious and eclectic array of sound and passionate artistry. Each track a story, each track signed by its players, willingly and openly. You can feel the joy, the hurt, and the tragedy in all of its parts. It cannot live alone, but it stands alone, proud, carefree and youthful in its manner. I listened and I listened and each moment engaged all of my senses beyond anything I had felt for a long time. I truly loved this album, truly and loved. It shouted at me, poked me… slapped me and if truth be told…English Ghosts must be there when they carry my box from that place..and if they have time, the whole album please!

A truly sublime piece of art, lovingly orchestrated, superbly delivered and quite honestly, there are no words.

The forthcoming self-titled debut album (released Feb 2020, Ignition Records) features outstanding vocal collaborations from Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Mark Lanegan (Queens of the Stone Age), Mark Gardner (Ride), Joel Cadbury (UNKLE), Ron Sexsmith, Carl Hancock-Rux (David Holmes) and more. Humanist has shared the video for his new single ‘Shock Collar’, featuring Dave Gahan on vocals, listen below.








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  1. Roy ward says:

    Rob is such a talented guitarist , he makes that guitar make sounds the guitar didn’t know it could make ! Not only is he worth a listen You’ve got to watch him play , now his album is due to be released and tour , You can do both !! having seen him with exit calm I can only advise you to go see him , you will not be disappointed, well done Rob and good luck with the release

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