The Heavy North Press Photo 2021 #2(1)


After an early successful career, The Heavy North are back again with a big new release and this time with a debut album. The five-piece rock band from Liverpool is sure to be the next big blues/ garage rock band. Every track on Electric Soul Machine has a unique sound and is full of different styles, meaning there truly is something for everyone. 

The long-awaited album opens with a bluesy Iggy Pop style track, Genie. Within the first few seconds, you are subconsciously nodding your head along to the heavy beat played on the electric guitar which fuels and drives the song. The simplicity of this rhythm is so effective in building the tension and energy in preparation for the guitar bridge solo, which comes about half way through, followed by the introduction of the unexpected saxophone solo – emphasising the blues feeling while also incorporating jazz tendencies. 

As the album progresses, a variety of different instrumentation are used to create contrasting moods. Midway through the smooth transition from the rock nature of Falling Down on You to the romantic and loving blues of As Long As You’re Here With Me transforms the listeners emotions to successfully match the vibe and sung lyrics – the sign of a good songwriter. 

Electric Soul Machine as a whole presents a likeness to early Arctic Monkeys albums – particularly Favourite Worst Nightmare and Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not. This comparison extends further than a similar use of instrumentation but rather, the two bands create a similar reaction from the audience of triggering an undeniable urge to dance and sing along to every song. 

Electric Soul Machine is available in 3 formats: digital, vinyl and CD (which comes with 3 exclusive tracks). So when you’re next out record shopping, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Electric Soul Machine – you won’t regret it!



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