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Renowned for having perhaps one of the largest ratios of Greggs per capita, Bolton is a place of few notable things. Bolton on Dearne is known for being Home of light-controversy courters The Sherlocks, and little else, but this Manchester town is an entirely different beast. Thankfully, the fabulous William Metcalfe has already done a wonderful job of providing us with all the context you could ever need for this north-west settlement, so I shan’t waste any more of your time in that regard.

This almost-Mancunian five-piece have made their mark through a sound which is equal parts an intoxicating riff, and a surprisingly reserved vocal performance. All of this is even more peculiar when it originates from a town of absolute indifference.

With little identity to influence their progression, The Attic Doctors have been doing a wonderful job at carving out their own signature sound. The reverb-heavy noise they produce is thoroughly rooted within the rock genre, in a stark contrast to the plethora of lad-bands that surround their otherwise bleak musical landscape – ‘Cool Revolution’ is equally distinct when compared to their previous single, ‘Milkshake’. Indeed, no boys are brought to the yard with this track. In this instance, the boys are told to stay home and lock their doors in the face of an impending revolution of self-aware vanity.

Despite the ambiguity of the track’s message, the featured riff is more than capable of keeping a listener engaged. There’s also a lot to unravel, too – from the almost tin-like sound the effects-laden instrument which taunts the verge of distortion, to a series of stuttering drum beats which stagger over each other, almost getting collected in their own rhythm.

Every aspect of the track is utterly set-aware, and that’s not a dig at the time, not at all. Every the chorus is caught up in its own image, with repetitive lines informing you of the coolness of the impending revolution on absolutely nothing.

In conclusion, what is there to say about this track? Nothing, really. Ignoring the age-old fact that coolness should not be spoken about in an almost taboo manner, ‘Cool Revolution’ does away with this notion, and swaggers into the scene unapologetically.

You can catch The Attic Doctors, (who I’m not sure dwell in attics, or are even medically qualified), at Jimmy’s in Manchester with Cleargreen and The Kavaliers, or in Paris at Le Truskel next month, if you’re feeling all adventurous. Keep an eye on the band’s Facebook for their upcoming dates and tracks.



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