On Wednesday 23 rd March 2022, Leeds First Direct Arena was filled with a spark of electricity as 12,000 voices sang the words ‘So maybe tomorrow, I’ll find my way home’ at the top of their lungs. Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones stood at the end of a short walkway from the main stage, staring off into the crowd, letting them carry the song as him and the rest of the band, consisting of bassist Richard Jones, guitarist Adam Zindani, drummer Jamie Morrison and
touring member Tony Kirkham on piano, played along in awe.


It was truly an epic night to remember and a moment no one in that stadium will ever forget. With support from Scottish Singer-Songwriter KT Tunstall, who hyped up the crowd with a mixture of rocky 80’s covers, her own hits such as ‘Suddenly I See’, as well as a cover of Phonics own song ‘Pick a Part That’s New’, Stereophonics took their fans on a journey from the very start of their career to the present day, performing a mixture of old classics and new songs off their recent album ‘Oochya’!

Not only do Stereophonics naturally possess a kind of cool and suave aura that most bands spend years trying to achieve, but Kelly’s voice is just as crystal clear in real life as it is on the records. Their set was long, with quick transitions between songs and colourful stage design, and the crowd appreciated it.

The highlight of the night had to be drummer Morrison travelling from his kit at the back of the stage during ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, to a newly built kit at the front of the walkway, where he sat down to perform an explosive drum solo during the climax of the song. Met with a giant round of applause, Morrison stuck his drumsticks in the air, soaking in the crowd’s cheers.


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The best was obviously saved till last with the band performing ‘Dakota’ to endless cheers and applause. This band have so many hits that its true that anyone can attend a Stereophonics gig and appreciate it, whether you know all their songs or not, they certainly put on a spectacular show.



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