On a very wet, windy, nesh Thursday night, The Washington was a beacon for the Sheffield Indie scene, as Leeds’ prodigal sons: Sounds Like A Storm brought their cheetah print trousered-punk rock to town.

The night kicked off with Lightning Threads, a brilliant bluesy trio, serving up John Mayor-esque, gruff vocals mixed with the hip-shaking groove of Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black. Although the band had an aura of indie, the vocals could easily sit seamlessly in the charts. The set ended on the singer’s insane vocal clarity, leaving the crowd warmed up despite the outside weather conditions.

The Sickboy Method introduced a true frontman, lapped up by the Sheffield crowd, who were clearly at the front of his mind. The drummer added a mini-organ throughout the set bringing indie embellishments to proper modern punk. The set finished with the frontman taking advantage of their generated heat, in the crowd’s face, with guitar effects straight from the late 1970s. The disappointment at the end of the set was evident from every person in the room.

The crowd flooded the bar, anticipation simmered throughout The Washington prior to Sounds Like A Storm’s entrance. Joe, Cormac and Nigel (guitarist, drummer and bassist) took to the stage to bring an epic, aggressive introduction. As if the crowd were not already warmed up, this brought the room to boil. Frontman, Sennen, strutted on the stage with the confidence of Jagger, grabbing the mic and belting the introductory chant. The opening track from their stellar EP, Closer, was infectious as a packed room echoed Sennen’s every word. New bass player, Nigel, was introduced to an appreciative crowd, before new tune Doubles Over Singles, bossed the crowd with an inclusive chant of political nature, what’s to come from the Leeds lads in the future looks very exciting.


SLAS continued to highlight the wrongdoings in the country with a brilliant tune, Welcome To The Real World. The set then took a more mellow turn with God, a tune which displays the band’s other side, giving the rowdy crowd a well-deserved breather. However, the hectic set continued with Classic Way of Things, a bar fight of a tune, with every crowd member bouncing in time and lamenting Sennen as he gave one the best frontman performances The Washington has ever seen.


The Leeds band’s rip-roaring set concluded with fan favourite Corker. As Joe, Cormac and Nigel kept the crowd well engaged, Sennen took the mic to the crowd and took his place on the dance floor. The soon-to-be iconic line: “she prefers white wine, downs another pint” shook the foundations of The Washington as the band ended their Sheffield set in true punk style.


 If anyone gets the chance to see Sounds Like A Storm it would be ridiculous to miss out, the band are guaranteed to leave any crowd craving more. Their brilliant EP: Classic Way Of Things is available now on Spotify and Itunes!



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