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Sheafs played their sold out hometown gig last night at The Harley in Sheffield in what was an unforgettable gig indeed. With support coming from Kicklips, Rainbow Maniac and Jordan Allen, the high-spirited crowd were treated to a fine assemblage of some of the best bands on the current indie scene.

Having had a nice warm up from support acts, the anticipation in the crowd was fierce as the band confidently stepped onto the stage to a very apt Kasabian’s ‘Fire’.

The band’s two minute stage introduction showed off just how mind-blowing the band are musically –  these guys can put on a show and can also back it up with big hooks and tight musicianship. Straight away the energy was ramped up full pelt to accommodate their fast-paced assault on the audience. 

TV screens flickered as a fervent Lawrence Feenstra sauntered onto the stage, continuing to prove he’s one of the most exhilarating and phenomenal frontmen on the unsigned scene. His infectious spirit and evident enjoyment roused the crowd into oblivion from the offset. Launching himself into one of the most frenzied sets I bet the Harley has ever seen, he prowled around as the onslaught of guitars and sweat ripped through the room.

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Performing both new and older material, the band tore through their catalogue of scorching anthems. Their new material translates brilliantly live, with new single ‘Shock Machine’ being a massive highlight of the night.

Throughout the whole set, the crowd went absolutely berserk, beers flew and nearly all members lunged into the gripping arms of the crowd. The energy reverberated throughout the band and the crowd and shook the whole place. Moshing in unison, the crowd swayed from side to side and back and forth as the band blasted track after track of relentlessly heavy indie-rock. I sought sanctuary from the madness in the nook of the stage, where at one point the place was throbbing that hard I actually wondered if a really tall speaker at the side of me was going to fall into the crowd!

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Rabid audience members clambered on shoulders as stage monitors fell, placards filtered from one person to the next and TV screens danced and waved in audience members’ raised hands.

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Members of the band jumped on and off the stage, it was just complete and utter beautiful carnage.

‘SHEAFS! SHEAFS! SHEAFS!’ echoed around the venue as the crowd’s call for an encore was accepted: ‘Feed The Animal’ and my personal favourite ‘Nobody’s Watching’ annihilated the crowd just about finishing everyone off. The band have received rave reviews for their  performances on the This Feeling tour but it was clear that magic was definitely in the air playing their hometown.  

As the sweat-soaked crowd squeezed out of the venue, I couldn’t help but think I’d witnessed something very special indeed which further cemented in my mind that our next biggest stars are certainly already out there….

SHEAFS may we sweat together again soon.


Chicago Overcoat


Mind Pollution

Speak My Mind

Get used to it

Sick Of The Sound

Queen of The Feeling

Feed The Animal

Shock Machine

This Is Not A Protest

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