Liverpool based producer & singer/songwriter Seagoth has treated listeners to her first release of the year with ‘Eternity’, which is an assured follow on from her previous release ‘Dreamworld’ as she expands on her dream-pop anchor. 

She uses this latest track to support an introspective message about self reflection:

“If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that we all need to slow down. Self-reflection and stepping back to see things for how they really are is incredibly important.  Along the way you often end up finding out who you are and what actually drives you. Sometimes we can find ourselves unconsciously saying things we don’t actually mean, or saying you agree with people you don’t actually agree with.”

Easy going breakbeat grooves alongside spacey synth work & vocals are reminiscent of trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack and Portishead. To make this comparison is to by no means call the track a throwback, but more to highlight how impressive it is to replicate the orchestral soundscapes of these artists as a 19 year old solo producer/singer-songwriter. 



It’s fair to say that 2021 is the year of the bedroom artist, as with nothing much else to do other than write and record, you can imagine that the world is going to see a brand new birth of isolation projects. 

Saying this, Seagoth, real name Georgia Ochoa, is one step ahead. 

Having emerged in 2019, she has spent this time developing her trademarks to build on a layering of synths, guitars and vocals to show that ‘DIY’ in this case does not suffer from the lack of budget or ‘professional’ input. 

With recent Twitter support from actor Robert Carlyle introducing her music to a whole new spectrum of listeners, it is expected that she will continue to refine and develop on her brand of lo-fi psych bliss in order to entertain her ever increasing fanbase. 






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