Northern Exposure caught wind of Robin Ashcroft via an excited email from nationwide promoters This Feeling, who sent over the Scottish singer-songwriter’s debut release ‘I LUV U’.

In the same email, they put forward the argument as to whether it was a ‘pop’ song or not: 

“So is it ‘pop’? I don’t believe so. Not that pop is a bad thing. Some great pop records over the year – but some frown upon the word.”


This sparked interest as to just why is ‘pop’ frowned upon in the egg-shell world of indie music? 

Is there anything wrong with a great singer using six chords or less to send a message like ‘I LUV U’ to the masses? Should an artist’s work be deemed as less important just because it’s more radio friendly? Or should listeners who find themselves so affected by the dreaded ‘pop music’ climb down from their ivory towers of snobbery?

It’s a debate that could go on forever, but we’re here to talk about the debut release of the 17 year old from Castlemilk. She has been performing since 13-years-old, and in this time has already played cover sets at The Barrowlands, King Tuts & Glasgow’s Pride Festival where she’s steadily built a fanbase who were ready and waiting for her first original track. 

‘I LUV U’ is a song that you can picture a crowd getting behind. The type of crowd that clamber over one another to Gerry Cinnamon at festivals, while still keeping their overpriced lagers full to the brim. 

Cinnamon is from the same area as Ashcroft and was a great source of inspiration for her, so much so that she would busk covers to his fans on the train to his shows.

Production points go to Johnny Madden (BABY STRANGE) and Jamie Holmes (The Lapelles) who have done great work on creating a wall of positive melodies and soaring guitars while Ashcroft gives her all in the vocals, mixing her singing talent with a heartfelt belief in what she does. This will no doubt win over more listeners as they gradually pick up on the work of Ashcroft, who is only just at the beginning of her original career. 







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