Red Rum Club ended their UK tour with a triumphant homecoming last night to a sold-out, joyous Mountford Hall.

It’s not the first time they’ve had this experience, but this gig felt significant in cementing their status as one of Liverpool and the north-west’s most entertaining bands. Other sellouts have come down the road at Phase One, following the release of their debut album Matador, and the O2 Academy too, but they took to the stage here with a second album, The Hollow of Humdrum in tow and a handful of new third album singles to boot.

Firstly, though, came exciting Scottish soloist Brooke Combe. She’s one of the artists that thrived in lockdown(s), making her way in music and even selling out venues off the back of social media. It’s all very modern, but she is an authentic performer: enchanting and strong.


Her highlight, following a cool Arctic Monkeys cover, is Kiss Me – a shimmering, soulful track that’s just perfect for the night.

Zuzu has a way of making all that watch and interact with her feel like her best mate. Lots of them are, really. She’s spent lots of the past year in the Queensway Tunnel (that’s the tunnel that connects Liverpool and Wirral) shooting videos for her new album… Queensway Tunnel.

Van Is Evil shows off a new, snarling Zuzu amongst the pop tunes she does so well – it’s clear this album is going to be a culmination of influences and growth, not just a reproduction of what’s come before. Kudos to her band for this set, too, especially Maria on bass for her first gig.


Red Rum Club arrived on stage to white streamers fired into the packed out crowd and fired themselves into Nightcalling.

“Liverpool, we can not thank you enough.”

It doesn’t take long before Fran Doran makes the band’s gratitude know.

It’s true, Liverpool has supported this band steadfastly, but what is also true is that they have entirely earned nights like these. Just before heading on their UK tour, they were in Toxteth community centre The Florrie, performing for their fundraiser. They are a band who has Liverpool at their heart and, in turn, the city simply returns the favour.


Romantic serenade Brando is a helpful breather after TV Said So and Honey, or perhaps the crowd’s reaction, endanger Mountford Hall’s balcony. When a circle opens up for Angeline, it’s the floor hanging on.

They leave the stage after Eleanor, a tease for an encore. After choruses of their closer, they re-enter with brand new track Drown – an ode to their hometown debuted for this special night. They finally oblige and exit with Would You Rather Be Lonely?, but not without taking a moment to breathe in the scenes in front of them.

Red Rum Club’s new album, How To Steal The World, is out on 12 November. Pre-order here.

Lewis Ridley



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