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Sheffield’s The Silverfish are cutely awkward and, at times, so laid back they may as well have brought hammocks. But their mix of melodic keyboard, funky power beats and vocals drifting from high and low extremes makes for compelling listening. There’s likenesses to popular bands in their music; Scissor Sisters, Queens of the Stone Age and a hint of Mike Patton in Christian Musgrove’s voice. Their set includes “Just Drift Back” and a couple of new numbers (currently untitled). The first new track incorporates idiosyncratic offbeat drumming, which excitedly throws the crowd out of their foot tapping for a few seconds. They are worth a watch, playing Sheffield (10th Feb).

Next, Cavana arrive on stage and begin their set with an instrumental build-up. Drummer Dylan Radcliffe intermittently yells over the music while drumming and by the end of the set, Darryl Taylor (guitar) loses a fair few items of clothing. Their new single “Cholula” is a canorous indie tune, typical of their style. As they finish their performance, the sound becomes louder and heavier until your eardrums feel grisly – think a wall of cymbals and riffs reverberating through your chest. When the air goes quiet, a guy in the crowd shouts “that was f**king amazing”, definitely a band to see if you’re in Manchester (10th Mar).

Headlining tonight are Red Rum Club, a six strong army of suave boxers ready to blow the audience away. They jump straight in with “Gasoline” and you’re thrown into a world of mariachi-western-rock, coffee-rich vocals and Liverpudlian accents (bringing you back to reality) in between tracks. Their image and sound give a colourful and varied narrative; Frank Doran (vocals) looks like he could beat James Bond at a game of poker, while Joe Corby (trumpet) conjures sounds of a full brass section illustrating a Mexican standoff. The new single “Calexico” gets the audience swaying and weaving to its rhythm.

It’s out on the 16th of February- get your Trival boots ready for a dance to this one! Red Rum Club finishes on a high note with “Would You Rather Be Lonely?” instigating shouts for an encore. 

Catching up with some of the band outside they beam they are really enjoying the tour so far, but admits they are looking forward to spending the night in their hometown of Liverpool. Red Rum Club are straight back in the studio on the 13th of February after playing Manchester tonight (8th Feb) , Glasgow (9th Feb) and Newcastle (10th Feb).

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