After a summer of smashing some of the best festivals on the circuit, The Jack Rocks and This Feeling stage brought the ‘ZONE’ to the Reading Festival goers. With 44 acts to get through there was plenty of choice to suit all tastes, impossible to write a piece about every band that played, even though they all deserve a mention. Here’s just a few of the talented artists gracing that stage at the weekend.

Friday – Anteros drew an almost full tent at lunchtime and it was not surprising, they were fantastic, a brilliant mix of pop rock with an utterly mesmerising lead singer. She is energetic, charismatic with rock star looks and an amazing vocal. Girls will want to be her, and if they are honest so will some of the guys! I can see these making a huge impact over the next year, bigger stages await. 


The Surrenders are on the cusp of something special, playing a mix of blues and rock with one of the best vocalist you’ll hear on the underground scene.

DSC_0456The Shimmer Band, who are about to embark on the ALIVE tour in October had the whole tent bouncing to their psychedelic rock fuelled by synths and dance beats. Massive anthems that create a huge wall of sound, choruses that’ll be sung back at them on the biggest of stages one day.

DSC_0643Saturday – Good grief, super Saturday! Where do you start, the choice is huge. The first band that must get a mention are Blackwaters, coming straight off supporting Marmozets on their sold-out tour they stormed an early lunchtime set, whipping up the crowd easily with current track ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ and previous single ‘Fuck Yeah’ sounding glorious. 

DSC_0095Early evening sees the wonderful Strange Bones, if you haven’t seen or heard of them then change that now. Calling it simply punk rock is a complete disservice to their clever song writing, huge riffs along with powerful political messages delivered through lyrics which can’t help but be sung back at the band like an indie anthem. When you add to that the energy of the live performance and crowd interaction, it is a bloody sublime mixture!

DSC_0706-001Sunday – The Americas are cruising into the ears of so many people right now, their easy rider style rock is captivating and oozes cool from everywhere, keep an eye out for them, something is going to happen and you want to be part of it.


Find time to check out Emily Capell, what an amazing young lady, fantastic songs with subjects ranging from Kanye West to the plane that killed Buddy Holly all with tinges of humour and melancholy, a vocal that is an outstanding mix of jazz and blues with an impressive range all accompanied by just her guitar. The rapport with the audience between songs is just as impressive as the beehive, which was pretty much perfect even if she had no mirror! 

DSC_0164Rosko, straight talking geezers giving it large! Rap styled vocals over rock riffs is blended perfectly and they don’t hold back on the stage either, full on from start to finish.  

DSC_0407Want to see and hear more? Then get out to a This Feeling gig, home of the zone and the best in upcoming bands. You should also check out the insane line up with The Shimmer Band, Blackwaters, and Bang Bang Romeo on the October Alive tour below. All info and tickets at www.thisfeeling.co.uk 





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