Lacuna Bloome have released their latest offering of glistening indie-pop. ‘My Girl is a Supernova’ is the fifth single by the Brighton based 4-piece since 2018. Such productivity has not gone unnoticed, as support from Radio X & This Feeling has helped them to amass a steady listener base. The first minute of the track paints a picture of loneliness that only has the reverb-soaked slides and picks of the guitar to mask the bareness of the vocals. A chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place at a DMA’s gig moves the song forward, as the bass and drums are introduced for verse 2. This allows more of a platform for the singer to expand on his impressive vocal range. The track is yet another shimmer of melancholy that Lacuna Bloome appears to be carving their catalogue on. Whilst it would be interesting to see them expand their sound into different territories, it seems as if their winning formula of cavernous guitar effects wrapping atmosphere around a rhythm section that drives forward the extremely introspective tales of a singer – suits them very comfortably.



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