When speaking to Khymer Kings frontman, Daniel Dolan earlier in the month – he cited a very intriguing list of influences for him and his Warrington based outfit which has seen various switcheroos in its time, both in its music and personnel. The current outfit consists of Dan, brother Dom Dolan (rhythm guitar) Ste Mac Gill (lead guitar) Liam Fox (Bass) & Ant Whelan (drums).
They were birthed under spoken word roots, before evolving their sound to add more electronica fused melody to their pallet, and this has shone through via their 3 singles on Spotify so far. Dolan is a huge fan of John Cooper Clarke, The Fall and Joy Division, which he gives very clear testament to in his output.
The latest release in question is ‘Pay The Ghost’, where an eclectic combination of musical styles is deployed to paint a picture of the trials of modern life as it verges on dystopia.
Where technology has us more connected than ever, there is still a gulf in communication and substance – and Khymer Kings capture this very well.
Giving insight, Daniel said:
“It’s a bit of a mash up musically. I think the synths sound like underworld with the stooges style guitars and dark personal lyrics. It found its own way when we jammed it in the rehearsal room, I just came in over the top with my vocals and that was that.”
It’s a poignant take on a subject that seems to get more relevant by the day, so here’s to hoping that Khymer Kings will continue their tirade in future records and live shows.




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