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Abi Rose Kelly’s third release is a Grungy-pop powerhouse that is a step up in tempo to the previous two, but in the pace that she has gained, she hasn’t left her clever songcrafting qualities behind. The expressive angst that earnt her much deserved support in the past is ingrained into all of her work, with the ransom note single cover adding imagery to the darkness that the Liverpool based singer/songwriter revels in. 

Kill The Waitress begins with a somewhat melancholy opening verse, but once the song reaches its disco drum break, there’s a barrage of hooks from then on into the chorus which showcases the pop side to her grunge-based sentiment. 

She describes ‘Kill the Waitress’ as “A song about how angry I am with facing the same angry people every day, and how I view my life in general, coming to terms with being miserable and getting on with it. No self pity here, we’re all human.”

Rumour has it there’s an EP in the works to further showcase this assured songwriter, who looks to be building a really interesting catalogue that artistically runs on the fuels of bleakness and emotion (in the best way possible). 








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