If you ask most people to show you the best thing they’ve ever revived via WhatsApp it will probably be a less than flattering yet hilarious picture of their friend – not Jonny Brown. From the dark depths of a year old WhatsApp thread, emerges his latest single “Counting on You and I”.  

“Counting on You and I” is the 2nd single that the Twisted Wheel frontman has released under his new alias Jonny Brown Ltd. With the majority of the melody already completed by bandmate and producer Dean,  all there was left to do was add some melody and lyrics. Which Jonny did in true naughty schoolboy fashion – scribbled on a notepad, at the back of the bus, on his way to Vibe studios in Cheetham Hill. Lyrically the song is packed full of poetic but unpretentious similes, something which fans of Brown’s previous outfit will recognize as his signature. These are juxtaposed with the simple chorus “How long must they wait for, they’re counting on You and I.”  

The song’s lyrics feel deliberately ambiguous, maybe because they shouldn’t be the sole focus of our attention on this track. Instead, the vocals are almost dwarfed by the atmospheric combination of the heavy bass, delicate synth moments and the snare drum keeping the melancholic pace. This single’s influences are obvious from the outset, paying homage to a band that defined the early 2010s; The XX. 



‘Counting on You and I’ is accompanied by a video that was filmed almost by accident whilst just hanging around at a friend’s studio. The track itself embodies the same sense of spontaneity. You can’t help but feel like this track is Brown letting go, enjoying experimenting with a broader range of sounds and influences. After only 2 singles the expectations for the singer’s next release are sky-high, but it is his continued creativity and relatability which has put them there. 







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