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Arriving at the Mountford Hall, with plenty of time to spare, I was pleasantly surprised to see the venue already pretty much full AND the support band hadn’t even started. This just goes to show how popular Jake Bugg is; everyone getting in early so they can find the best spot to see their hero. So it was a quick drink and then ready for the prolific 26-year-old songwriter from Nottingham. Armed with 4 studio albums already under his belt and another one on the way, this young man oozes talent.

Refreshingly, the stage did not go dark and to the sounds of “To Be Someone” a track Jake Bugg recorded and released with CamelPhat, the East Midlands troubadour, walked on stage. Unlike when I last saw him a couple of years back, he is playing this series of dates with a full band. He was handed a guitar and launched into the first track of the night “Rabbit Hole”, followed by the up tempo “Trouble Town”, “Beast” and the brilliant new Zepplinesque single, “Kiss Like the Sun”, and the crowd in the now fully pack out venue launched into life.

It was going to be an evening of old favourites and new material… “Ballad Of Mr Jones”, “Slide’, “Simple As This”, “Me And You”, and the great “Messed Up Kids” and by now the Mounford Hall was rocking. “Song About Love”, “Burn Alone” and the career launching “Lightning Bolt” followed and throughout the show, he humbly thanked the audience for coming along and expressed his thanks for their ongoing support. The crowd responded in kind; they were loving every moment. Then it was the amazing and my favourite Jake Bugg track “Broken” and it brought the house down. What a song, what a reaction! “Taste”, “Slumville Sunrise”, “Scene”, “Habits”, “Seen It All” and the brilliant “Two Fingers” brought the night to an end. There is no encore and again I find this refreshing, never been a fan of the fake encore, never seen the point, so well done Jake.

I really do like the way Jake Bugg perfectly blends elements of Indie and Country and then puts his own twist on it. He sucks you in with his unique voice and it filled the venue perfectly, note perfect, his guitar so comfortable in his hands playing hook after hook, switching up tempos and slowing them down at will. Tonight he was mesmerizing, and had the audience singing along when they knew the words, which to be honest was pretty much every song. Till the next time!!!

Jake Bugg 2 (10 of 34)

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