HourGlvss are a female duo based in Brighton with very northern roots. After the release of their first single ‘Johnny’, they received extremely positive reviews from stations such as Radio 1 and Radio X. The pairing was then met with high expectations when it came to a second single. Expectations they well and truly smashed. Working with the same producer used on ‘ Johnny’ (Benjamin Christophers) we maybe would have expected a similar sound as previously, however, I think Christophers well and truly raised the bar with the seamless production on this track. It is a joy to listen to such intricate detail on every inch of the track, he did not leave one stone unturned.


The pair definitely have a clearer vision of the sound they are aiming to achieve with this single, a catchy chorus alongside captivating lyrics are just some of the reasons this single must be heard. The call and response style that the pairing implement in the song is something that piqued my interest as a listener, not often do you see this in a modern song but these two are no strangers to being a bit different. Complex synths and an uplifting chord progression create a huge feel to this song, if they carry on along this vein of creation then they will have no trouble progressing to bigger venues. It really stands out on its own in a sea of upcoming artists, there is nothing else out there that matches this kind of sound. They may have cited influences such as Nancy Sinatra and Judy Garland but they are no copycat band, this is truly original work. I really struggle to box these two into a genre as I feel that with talent like this they are capable of creating all sorts of different sounds.

A well-crafted song from an exciting duo. It’s something that you can listen to ten times over and still find something new on the eleventh listen. A real progression from their first single, I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer.




Sophie-May Williams
Katherine Benbow



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