Garden Party are a band formed in Manchester in September 2019. Consisting of Liam (Vocals) from Wigan, Kieran (Guitar) from Darlington, Sam (Drums) from Leicester and Dieter (Bass) from Barry.

Having already had the single ‘Tomorrow’ featured on BBC Introducing I was really looking forward to sitting down and giving it a listen and in turn sharing my opinion with you on Northern Exposure.

Most Manchester bands seem to get compared to the iconic Manchester bands, Oasis, The Stone Roses etc, and to be fair a lot of Manchester bands do sound a lot like those bands, but NOT the Garden Party. Yes there are shades of those bands in this single, well, they are from Manchester after all! But “Tomorrow” stands up in it’s own right as a Garden Party single. If I was pushed to offer a comparison it would be a very different Manchester band ,and one of my favourites, “Doves”. The single “Tomorrow” has that dreamy Indie sound that “Doves” have made their own.

We start off with a light, summery jangly guitar before Liam’s gently understated vocals drift in, soft and lilting like a story being told. Sucking you in, before it kicks into a big layered chorus which takes it all up another level and the true dynamism of Liam’s voice shines. The track keeps building until it gets to an outro which Is reminiscent of a Foo Fighter track, guitars, and what sounds like keyboards, wailing, drums and bass pumping, Liam’s vocals building and building.

Garden Party have a single in “Tomorrow” that I found to be a solid statement of intent and impressive for a new band’s first single. Its 5 minutes long but never drags; in fact I was very surprised after listening to it to find out it was 5 minutes long – that’s always a great sign.

A debut single that, I think, should put Garden Party into people’s musical consciences and I’m sure will make the movers and shakers sit up and take notice.

So, if you like your music dreamy and Indie in the vein of “Doves” and “DMA’ S “ you should give this track a listen




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