Friday’s wet and windy weather provides the authentic backdrop for a celebratory night of music at North London’s one and only Alexandra Palace; and tonight’s celebrations are dedicated to the shared love of electro indie act DMA’S. 

But first up is This Feelings Records signees RATS. The Liverpool based indie four-piece have been making waves, and this set showcases where they are just now, as much as where they are headed.


Their charming and clever Stone Roses, Beatles, and LA’s inspired repertoire is energising, with songs like Figure It Out and Section 60 in part showing the band’s musical and political sensitivities. With a refreshing combination of stage presence, attitude, and snappy, yet melodic tracks, RATS inspire the crowd, leaving a strong impression.  

Untitled 2

DMA’S’ UK tour is in full swing, and rather understandably, the alternative dance trio are fired up, ready for the enormous party that awaits them here at the people’s palace. Having played a sold-out show at Brixton Academy, just before the world went into lockdown in 2020, this 10,000 capacity gig marks a compelling, new chapter in the Australian group’s remarkable story.  

 This time, the production has been taken up a notch, an upgrade that allows lavish multicoloured lighting and video projection to unfold. With a renewed selection of tracks that incorporates very recent material, it still leaves no unbridged gaps for early fan favourites to be part of this, it is a well-composed set designed to satisfy a hungry crowd and create an electrifying concert space. With a focus on giving everyone a boost right from the start, they commence the set with Never Before, the Glow, Dawning, and In the Moment 

Singer Tommy O’Dell is at total ease, looking happier, than ever before. Enjoying the euphoric atmosphere, he is jumping and dancing on the stage, as the crowd-led sing along, and moshing continue throughout the performance. “I love London” he declares with honesty, and DMA’S’ love, not just of London, but the UK as a whole, is reflected with sincerity at this show. 


Warm, acoustic guitar sounds are heard, it’s time for Emily Whyte. It is a mesmeric rendition, then immediately after they decide to speed things up with new track We Are Midnight, a shift in pace that works. The trio know how to shift things smoothly, when it comes to atmosphere as well as pace, it never feels abrupt or too sudden. Another example of this is the change in emotional intensity of a song like Tape Deck Sick to the more chilled In the Air 

Life really is a game of changing, and DMA’S have once again proved that they are capable of change, there is versatility to adapt to whatever is happening around them. But they also know how and when to put their own mark on things, and this performance shows a band, who are destined for great things. They clearly have more tools in their drawer, this is only the beginning, and even greater things are still to come.  

DMA’S played: 

Never Before

The Glow 


In the Moment 


Game of Changing 


Emily Whyte 

We are Midnight 

Tape Deck Sick  

In the Air 

Hello Girlfriend 


Junk Trunk 

Play It Out 



Lay Down 

Feels Like 37  









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