There’s the common thought that an artist who makes truly ‘original’ music, is this transcendent being who somehow creates a sound and style that no one has ever heard, blasting the door open on all boundaries of music that came before it. It’s the age old pursuit that has eluded and driven artists to the brink since day dot. 

But on the contrary, there’s a common argument against this folkloric crisis which suggests that originality is in fact a little more achievable through ways that don’t involve a chance thunderbolt of inspiration lifting you into musical epiphany halfway through your big shop at Aldi. 

The argument is that to innovate, an artist must not look at making something new, but actually look in the past to combine all of their musical influences and weave them together into a finished article of something unique.  

London born, Manchester based musician CECIL revels in this intricate merging of styles on his debut release ‘TIP OF MY TONGUE’. The subby bass intro and 90’s hip-hop hooks underneath lamenting lyrics and soulful harmonies are all brilliant qualities in their own right, but when put together as a sum of their parts they produce something else entirely. 

If all of this isn’t enough for the listener to unpack, the track then cascades into a drum heavy outro, flipping the track on its head once more – all of which weighs in at just 2 minutes and 35 seconds long. 

This self-recorded track (mixed by fellow musician/producer DRED ERIC) is a testament to the new school way of doing things in both songwriting and recording methods – DIY to its core. 




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