Nobodies Birthday are a five-piece indie rock band from Reading consisting of Dom (vocals), Ryan (lead guitar), Steve (rhythm guitar), Brendon (bass guitar) and Tom (drums).


Having supported The Cribs, Pigeon Detectives and The Sherlocks, and listing their influences as The Libertines, Oasis and The Stone Roses, their new single ‘Bridges’ should be right up my street.

Starting off with a wall of distorting guitars, the track then drops into a stripped back chorus, relying heavily on the bass, drums and an underlying guitar riff, leaving plenty of space for Dom’s vocals to shine as they sit beautifully on top of it all.

I really like Dom’s voice. He has a vocal style very reminiscent of the original Rockstar Liam Gallagher, a little nasal and full of underlying attitude which really kicks in when they hit the big, bombastic, anthemic chorus. Throw in a middle-eight rock style guitar solo and you get the feel this band would be quite at home playing big rooms and even stadiums.

‘Bridges’ is heavy in an Indie way; it, very much has a Manchester/Oasis feel. And that is no bad thing if the balance is right between showing your influences and sounding like your own band, which Nobodies Birthday do beautifully. It is classic four on the floor indie rock and roll, and even though I don’t think they have re invented the wheel here, I think this is a very strong single and I really like it. I like Dom’s voice even more and definitely feel this could be a band to watch over the next 12 months and I will be definitely checking them out live as they are now very much on my radar.



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