Cornwall four piece Blue River released their latest single ‘Tetsuo’ on Friday under label- These Bloody Thieves Records. With an impressive catalogue already under their belt which boasts two albums and nine singles since 2016, there’s a lot to go at. That being said, ‘Tetsuo’ is being dubbed as their best yet, so it’s a good place to start if you’re not yet familiar with the band.
It’s intentionally a lot rawer than some of their earlier material, which appears to be working well for the coastal favourites. Frontman, Perran Nicholls gave us insight: 
“When I wrote it I thought right away this is a different sound to what we normally pump out. It was a bit of a gamble, but it’s totally paying off. Saying that, I’ve written a few different styles in the past, and then you get to the studio and the song goes down the ‘indie pop’ route – which is fine, but it’s nice to stick totally to the demo this time.”
The track itself has a slacker grunge feel to it in the verses, that expands into a discordant vocal hook of a chorus. It works well on both a melodic and rhythmic level that will translate well live.  
Whilst it was the bands intention to capture the rawness of a demo, it’s still a very well produced song by Adam Chinner at Freefall Recordings. The driving drums are as crisp as you like, yet he’s still managed to instil a certain lo-fi atmosphere into the recording; with droning, almost grainy guitars honing in on the aforementioned slacker grunge feel and this almost lackadaisical instrumentation compliments Nicholls half-pissed vocal delivery well. 
Listen to Tetsuo and keep up to date with the band’s socials below…



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