“Stacked Full Of Musical History”

Teenage Wildlife traces the band’s recording career from exuberant debut Jack Names The Planets through to the likes of BuzzKill from 2018’s Top 20 album Islands. There are brand new versions included, plus thirteen Top 40 singles such as Girl From Mars, Gold Finger, and Oh Yeah. Teenage Wildlife will include a nineteen-track collection of rarities, including a version of  ‘The Buzzcocks’ classic ‘Everybody’s Happy Nowadays’ (featuring Coldplay’s Chris Martin), the eternal Teenage Kicks and the collection’s infamous title track

Musically speaking, it is unusual for any band to stick together for any length of time with the same members, let alone reach a milestone that probably makes them feel as old as their parents! Personalities, the odd vino and literally boarding with the same people for months on end, usually puts paid to that! But the Northern Irish band Ash seemed to have achieved the almost impossible by reaching 25 years of recording history with only a few cuts and bruises along the way, although in truth, they are only ones we know about!

Ash has always been one of those bands that seemed to have been on the outer ridges of an era that was dominated by ‘Britpop’ and the usual suspects. Much more of a ‘melodic punk band’ than the norm, they stuck to their musical ideals and throughout their career they have always seemed to be unapologetic and happily oblivious to any critical words, beating back the stereotypical humdrum of an industry that celebrates mediocrity in its droves.

This collection, feels biographical in the best sense of the word. Stacked full of musical history that coloured all of our lives, there is plenty of everything and anything that defines the band and their music. A cultural and self defining backdrop to so many of us, it is a journey of colour and of perfect, perfect clarity.

Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years Of Ash has been released through BMG Records on February 14th 2020.


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