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Once again raising the age-old debate of capitalising band’s names, ARCADES have come back in full force with another stellar offering, wrapped in a cover that looks like it’s straight out of a time which is just before my age.

This is actually one of the reasons I’ve chosen ‘The Queuing People’ as one of my reviews this week. Not only has Tommy got the courage to wear a white suit and black loafers (in early March no less), but he’s more that willing to show of his music collection on a single cover which is surrounded by a nostalgic burnt-effect border – I’m already a fan on the artwork alone.

While I may have been initially hesitant of frontman Tommy’s oddly hypnotic dancing in the video for ‘Phantom’ (which I don’t believe I ever consented to), I’ve managed to look past this – chiefly by avoiding their music videos and sticking to Spotify.

With this new-found strength, I managed to listen to their latest offering after last year’s equally enchanting ‘Phantom’. Looking and sounding like a nostalgic throwback to indie tunes of old, with an equal dash of Wulfman Fury and The Last Shadow Puppets, this latest ARCADES tune does well to remain accessible yet concise.

The same formula that works for the aforementioned groups is applied effortless and brilliantly here – not to say that this track is repetitive or unoriginal, certainly not. Brightly distorted keys introduce you to the band’s own little world, and is further established with a tremolo-laden guitar, something which is still worryingly under-utilised in modern unsigned music. Perhaps there’s a formula somewhere there; want to get signed? Whack in a tremolo pedal, lads.

There’s something intangible about the track – Tommy’s voice is something which has proven to be a potent pairing with indie rock tunes, but the fact that the effortlessly indie vibe of this track gets stronger and stronger with each listen is testament to the vocal performance here. While I’ll avoid my self-built cliché of comparing vocalists to Miles Kane, there’s a potency to ‘The Queuing People’ which is best identified as an effortless frontman flare.

If the track was average, the image and impact of the song would be carried by this combination of reserved guitars, a startling lead electric, and symphonic melodies between the former and the vocals. But these factors elevate the track to brilliant status. The end result is something that beckons you in and invites you to stay a while.

Check out ARCADES’ Facebook, and have a gander at them as they tour here, there and everywhere. They’re even doing Paris, the absolute mad-uns.


FEATURED PHOTO: Chloe Dunscombe


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