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Something old, something borrowed, something …. new? A twist on an old cliché. The same could be said for Afflecks Place’s music and their distinct “Nu-Madchester” sound. Their latest single Carpe Diem certainly continues along the path they have carved for themselves, as one of Manchester’s most exciting up and coming bands. 

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Although Carpe Diem is the band’s latest single, the song was first written 11 years ago. Neglected and ultimately forgotten about until a rough home-recorded demo was discovered on an old hard drive during the recording sessions for the band’s upcoming debut LP ‘What do you mean it’s not raining?’. Amazing what you find when you are least expecting it! 

In typical Affleck’s Palace Style, the song borrows elements from the bands which made the 90’s Manchester scene iconic. Dan Stapleton’s guitars on the track jangle in a way Jonny Marr would be proud of, entwined with a hint of Stone Roses style psychedelia, Affleck’s Palace mange to breathe a fresh lease of life into what many dubbed a ‘dying’ genre. This is the reason the band have decided to keep doing things independently without the help of a big record label. The band’s success and profile has been growing rapidly since the release of 2019’s Forever Young. They can now boast regular plays on BBC Radio One and 6 Music, a number 3 spot in the UK Vinyl charts for Everything is an Attempt to be Human and This City is Burning Alive has even played on Soccer AM. With success comes “industry people smelling blood in the water” – so eloquently put by frontman J. He recalls a particular phone call with an industry ‘mogul’ in which he was told guitar music like theirs was “a dead format”.  Instead of listening to that advice, in true Manc style Affleck’s Place took no notice and decided to do things their own way. 

Carpe Diem is accompanied by a music video released today and is directed by singer J. Filmed in only one take and with the Manc landmark of Collyhurst shops as the backdrop. The phrase “Jack of all trades master of none” doesn’t seem to be in Affleck’s Palace’s vocabulary.  When he’s not singing or directing, J is busy signing new artists to the band’s own record label ‘Spirit of Spike Island’ and running their clothing store. A man of many talents who even spent time as a crane operator before deciding to focus on the band full time. 

An uplifting anthem about conquering self doubt and learning to “seize the day” and live in the moment, Carpe Diem is just a snippet of what Afflecks Palace have in store. The band are set to release their debut album ‘What do you mean it’s not raining?’ on their own label Spirit of Spike Island in October. They have done much of the promotion themselves, with the help of their fans who even have a WhatsApp group. Afflecks Palace are the definition of independent, their growth and success has been completely organic, and looks to stay that way. A band that spark nostalgia in those that remember the 90s Madchester scene the first time round, and makes those who don’t wish they did. 

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