For certain artists, you supposedly need to give them several listens before they resonate or click with you, but for me that never has never been the case.  I am always hooked in straight away from the very first song I hear and that has been most certainly true with Matthew Holland. 

Singer, song writer Matthew Holland has been in bands since his youth and over the years has mastered that innate ability to emphatically capture the highs and lows of everyday life. Hailing from Manchester, I’d be the first to steer him clear away from the Brit-pop stereotypical guitar band, there is so much more to this artist and band to be explored. Listening to Holland’s back catalogue, it boasts consistent brilliance and hearing just a fraction of the bands extensive list of tracks, you’d have a hard time arguing that Matthew Holland has not proven himself to be a master of song writing in his own right.

After many years of change and renewal, Matthew has been joined by several experienced musicians over the years and the current line up is made up of Ben Robinson (Drums), Tino Caine (Bass) and Andrew Smith (Percussion/Backing  Vocals). The musicianship is tight, the production excellent, the standard of the tracks is exemplary with Holland singing strongly throughout. Holland’s knack of incorporating his idols influences (The Doors, Bob Dylan, The Byrds) with his and the band’s work has resulted in previous hit singles like ‘Fever’, ‘Someday’, ‘City Lights’, ‘Making My Escape’ and ‘My Mother’s Son‘ which you can listen to now, below. 

Next month Matthew and the band release highly anticipated new material and their single ‘Love’ is due for release on the 24th of July. 

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