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“An Indie Hat trick”

Before I get into this review, I would firstly like to do a massive shout out and congratulations to This Feeling and of course the bands, tonight’s sets were awesome, putting over a thousand people in a venue for four upcoming bands is a very impressive feat, so hats off to all involved, keep up the good work!

I’ve never been to the Invisible Wind Factory before and I was blown away, set in what looked to me like quite an industrial part of Liverpool but not to far from the city centre, The Invisible Wind Factory is a converted old metal factory and its ace, decked out with…. Well, it’s too hard to explain and do it justice at the same time, just get down there and have a look for yourself.

But lets move on to the reason myself and Northern Exposure were here, to see four up and coming bands from Liverpool town, and I couldn’t wait…

Due to the very early start of the gig, I missed band number one, but band number two didn’t let me down.

STONE formally known as The Bohos are four likely lads who have recently signed to Alan McGee’s Creation Management. And they serve up their own brand of indie punk and social commentary wrapped up in 3 minutes of foot to pedal, raw music bangers and it was great!! In this often somewhat stale and stagnate British music scene young bands like this are an absolute must. Live Stone are full on, electric and in your face and they make no apologies for it. This is Rock and Roll Baby!!!

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Up next were another four piece The Kairos who seemed to have a very large amount of fans in the venue and as the band launched in to their first song the crowd started to move, playing a set of indie rock, but with that Liverpool touch of clever lyrics and soaring chorus, the sort of music that Liverpool has been famous for since the 60’s, but make no mistake The Kairos sound like The Kairos. Though not as in your face as Stone, more laid back and cool, they were equally as good and as equally impressive. The songs that I heard The Kairos play tonight make them a hugely exciting band to watch as 2020 unfolds.

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The chants of “RATS RATS RATS” were rattling the room and then them RATS sauntered on to the stage in a haze of smoke and bright lights. The Invisible Wind Factory is packed by now and the four lads Joe. Mikey, Sam and Harry cant stop smiling. Rats play infectious guitar driven indie pop, the stuff that makes your feet move and you just have to sing along too at the top of your lungs. Singer Joe Maddocks has a great voice reminiscent of DMA’S front man Tommy O’Dell but with a Liverpudlian accent which fits the band perfectly, singing songs about love and growing up in Liverpool, songs like “Figure It Out”, “Jack”, Beauty in Domestcity” and “Dreams” have instant classic stamped all over them, sweet melodies and big anthemic chorus.

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 I am sure its been said before in many reviews about this band and their music, but I am going to say it again, this band are going to have a massive year and if they don’t I will be demanding to know why, Rats bring a brilliant night to a perfect end and I have enjoyed every minute of their set.

Thanks for a great night everyone involved.



Rats Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/officialrats/


Rats – Dreams 

Rats – Figure It Out




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