Hosted by Radio X presenter Gordon Smart, Rat Boy is among the guests for the second episode of Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV – a new online music show that is bringing a much-needed spark back to the UK indie music scene.

Also appearing on the sofa is music fanatic Abbey Clancy, who talks her love of new bands and Greggs pregnancy cravings.

The show also includes live performances from Sundara Karma and Bang Bang Romeo, in addition to other interview segments with The Kooks, Black Grape and Mick Rock

The show is available to watch in full here … 

 The interviews are interspersed with live performances from Sundara Karma – who headlined the John Peel stage at Glastonbury earlier this year – Rat Boy and Bang Bang Romeo, in front of a packed-out Nambucca in North London where the show was filmed.

During his interview with Gordon, Rat Boy – real name, Jordan Cardy – discusses how he ended up getting a surprise feature on Kendrick Lamar’s latest LP.

“I worked with a guy called DJ Dahi a few years back. He recently produced a song on his [Kendrick Lamar’s] record so he must have just taken some vocals off it. I really like his record so I definitely see it as a compliment.”

On the subject of his forthcoming record, Jordan tells Gordon:

“The album’s just around the corner but I had something in the region of a hundred demos for this album that I had to cut down. It’s not easy but the label are quick to tell you which ones they like and which ones they don’t – that normally helps narrow it down quite a lot.”

He continues:

“All the songs [on the new album] link together as I used to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas a lot when I was a kid. We actually worked with the voice-over guy from the game who does the radio stations for the album. He’s proper mental.”

Among those also in attendance on the night was former England footballer Peter Crouch, who is fresh from securing his first ever radio DJ slot, after it was announced he would be covering Smart’s regular evening show on Radio X in the coming weeks.

Regular listeners of Gordon’s show may have some cause for concern, however, after Abbey tells all about her husband’s questionable music selection when he got behind the decks at the wedding of Kasabian frontman Serge Pizzorno recently:

“Peter ended up having a go at DJ-ing towards the end of the night, and cleared the floor with some of his choices – Phil Collins was definitely on the playlist, as was a bit of Jimmy Nail.”

An avid music fan herself, Abbey goes on to discuss her passion for giving upcoming bands a leg-up when it comes to cracking the industry, beginning with Catfish and the Bottlemen who she previously managed to secure a spot on tour with The View, when the Welsh outfit were starting out several years ago.

“I just love my bands. It breaks my heart when you hear so much crap on the radio and you have these talented kids that are just wasted, as no one sees or hears them.”

She continues:

Me and Pete always try and use any contacts or celebrity we have to try and help them out, which gives me great pleasure”

…prior to touting Paris Youth Foundation and Wildfront as her next tips to make it big.


Currently pregnant with the couple’s third child together, Abbey – who is normally a regular gig-goer – goes on to detail how the news has curtailed her going-out plans:

“I’m designated driver now and I can’t really last. We had a weekend planned for Reading but Pete’s ruined it all now with his football match being on the Sunday… and by getting me pregnant.”

She then proceeds to discuss her surprise cravings that come with the pregnancy:

“It has to be Greggs – two sausage rolls and a cheese pasty. It’s the baby that wants it not me. I went for my ultrasound recently and they found crumbs on my belly!”

The episode also includes a range of other segments too, including a Q&A with Luke Pritchard of the Kooks, a one-on-one with legendary music photographer Mick Rock and regular show feature ‘The TV Chuck competition’, where guests all battle it out to be crowned king of the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll pursuit.

The new episode, which is available to view in full here, is the latest installment of Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV – a new music TV show for the digital age that still maintains all the unique charm and quirkiness that typified music TV shows back in their heyday. The first show launched online last month to much fanfare, attracting over 70,000 views for the full episode on YouTube.

The show is the brainchild of This Feeling founder, Mikey Jonns, and an almighty craving from Red Stripe, to inject a huge dose of excitement into the indie music scene. With two more shows left to be filmed this year, the programme is expected to continue picking up real momentum throughout 2017, leading to even more frequent shows in 2018 and onwards.

To find out more about the activity or to apply for tickets to attend one of the shows, visit the Red Stripe Twitter or Facebook page.

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