If we think a band or artist has something special and they are 110% dedicated to working hard to push their music forward, we are more than happy to consider taking them under the Northern Exposure umbrella.

For a nominal and very affordable administration fee, we will promote your band via Northern Exposure and to other people in the music press and industry. 

What you get:

  • A dedicated band page on Northern Exposure website and the brand to promote yourselves.(We get 25-40k hits per month on the website alone, 9k FB likes, 2k Instagram followers and 3.5k Twitter followers all of which are organic, genuine music fans)
  • A dedicated NE manager to give help & advice with anything band related.
  • Advertising on the site.
  • Photo shoot.
  • Priority with reviews, interviews and anything else you need covering. 
  • Advice on the best ways to get press for your band.
  • Help to navigate the maze that is social media and help up your presence.
  • Help get your band get more gigs and more attention.
  • Email/telephone contact available Mon-Fri 9-5 (All enquiries outside these hours will be dealt with in the next office hours)
  • Emergency telephone contact for anything that can’t wait. 


  • £100 per month

In order to provide the best service possible, we only have a certain number of slots available.

If you would like to be considered, please send your social media links, bio and your best track to email contact@northern-exposure.co 

What the bands are saying about Northern Exposure..

The Garage Flowers

‘Where can I start? The hospitality and the friendliness just completely blew me away when me and the rest of The Garage Flowers came down to Sheffield on the 16th Nov to play at the Frog & Parrot; it was more like meeting up with old friends rather than dwelling into the unknown, and that’s something you don’t get very often at all! This shows that with anything Northern Exposure do, they strive for excellence and will make you their friend whether you’re in a band or just down for the night. Amazing people to know and work with!’

Northern Riots

‘We played a Tramlines Fringe festival set up and organised by Northern Exposure in Sheffield. For us it was one of the highlights of the year. There was a great atmosphere, good turnout and the event was well organised. The sound guy did a fantastic job and we had a great time playing. We’d be more than happy to work with Northern Exposure any time’


“It’s great to have the support of Northern Exposure, we played their stage at Tramlines Fringe Festival this year at The Royal Standard in Sheffield and we were made to feel so welcome and had an amazing time. The team are so passionate about creating a thriving live music scene and it means a lot to have them championing our music alongside all the other brilliant acts they support. The way they look after the acts they work with is brilliant! We are really looking forward to working with Northern Exposure in 2018!”

Bang Bang Romeo

‘Northern Exposure is a team really rather close to my heart. Female led, fearless, with a strong work ethic and genuine love for music. In a world where people wanna spread negativity, these guys spread only positivity and genuine exuberance for what they believe in, which is giving new music a chance. I think that is an amazing thing. BIG UP THE NORTH!’

Stray Scene

‘It’s been a class year for us – Kate and Rachel have been brilliant for us our name is defo out there now. Bring on 2018 – can’t wait!’


‘Music promotion which puts the bands first. It’s refreshing to see a group of people putting the bands they work with at the centre of what they do. They’re only happy if the bands are happy’

Lucie Barat

‘The Northern Exposure team not only work tirelessly to promote new music, they also dedicate their efforts and passion for live music to aid charitable causes. They’re the most encouraging and supportive bunch with an ear for the music of the future’


‘Northern Exposure is the back bone of the Sheffield music scene to put a gig on is not just to rack up and play, it’s the hard work and prepping before hand. Kate and Rachel make sure you’re welcome and comfortable. They have a well organised and professional approach to all shows they put on’

The Time Sellers

‘We’ve loved being part of the Northern Exposure family this year & especially the work with Musicians Against Homelessness . To be out & about gigging is why we do what we do , but when you can combine that with helping others it makes things even more worthwhile . Here’s to 2018 … let’s do it all over again!’


‘Northern Exposure were great to work with, really organised and made us feel totally welcome and that they were grateful for our performance! Would recommend to any bands wanting to play outside their own city’

Civic Green

‘Having been on both sides of the NE stage this year, playing and watching, I can honestly say the are one of the best and most hard working groups of people we’ve worked with. Mental bands, mental fans and by far the best rider going! It’s been a pleasure to work with NE this year’