Tonight, in one of our favourite little venues in Camden, The Monarch, This Feeling will be hosting an evening of great music, part of the awakening of an extraordinary revolution happening all over the country where unsigned guitar bands are finally being given the platform they deserve. Bands will play tonight in the venue that’s hosted gigs for the greats of our industry and also provided a haven of red velvets, chandeliers and decadence for musicians, promoters and producers over the years. I was lucky enough to talk to three of the bands playing performing this Thursday.

Youth Killed It are all set for their debut performance with This Feeling.

‘We’re proper chuffed This Feeling have invited us to play this show!’

Playing in Camden is huge for these guys:

‘It’s rock and roll heritage! Camden is the birthing ground of so much good music, it’s always humbling getting to be a part of all that and play shows in venues where some of our favourite bands have played. Plus, we’ve all been to shows here when we were younger!’

We always like to find out how bands feel about playing in London and how that differs from their home towns. Youth Killed It are based in Norwich and so London is always a change for them.

‘We always find that most nights in London can be busy, back home you’re less likely to pack out a room on a week night unless you’re a really big band. In London there’s so many people in such a cramped space and everyone’s out most nights so it’s usually busy any night of the week.’

They’re most looking forward to performing ‘You Don’t Know’, ‘Popstar’ and ‘Molly’ but feel they’re all real fun to play so are just hyped for the show. Most proud of their track ‘Islands’, Youth Killed It are looking forward to sharing it tonight.

For them it was the start of the transformation of their definitive style from riffy, over-produced to a more raw, indie sound.
They’ve announced WonkFest on July 28th but there are a few more gigs they have to stay quiet about right now! In terms of favourite venues, they particularly love to play at The Joiners in Southampton which has a great atmosphere and sound and lovely crew but are also big fans of a few venues in their hometown: Open, Epic Studios and The Owl Sanctuary – another venue which is currently under threat of being closed down.

Next up are The Kavaliers. They are all set for Thursday and can’t wait to return to Camden after the reception they received last time.
They said,

‘Playing London is a like a different world to local gigs, fresh faces who are excited to hear unsigned bands. So many iconic venues that have helped build legendary artists.’
They’re excited to play their new single ‘The Right Thing’ and see what response they receive this evening – ‘We hope everyone loves it!’

Incredibly excited about the new unreleased material that they’re working on, the boys feel their writing is taking different direction to previous work and is not like anything they’ve ever done before. They’re currently hard at work preparing for their upcoming tour.

‘Yes, we’re nailing a strong set that we can’t wait to play across the country – and beyond!’

Our final band is the amazing Wolfman Fury who just can’t wait for tonight’s gig:

‘We’ve done a few This Feeling shows now, and they have all been great with top crowds!’

They released their new single ‘Getaway’ for streaming last week which has had a great reception so far. Their full release is coming on the 20th April and they’re looking forward to performing that live too. Over the next few weeks, they have no gigs, so they’ll be focusing on writing, although they’re feeling very excited about their next gig as it will be their biggest yet! On 31st March they are headlining at Picture House Social, Sheffield which will be their single release show for ‘Getaway’.

They’ve also just been announced for Tramlines which they’re absolutely buzzing about. They’re also currently working on the video for ‘Getaway’ which they think will be their best yet.

‘It’s partly shot in a little independent theatre in Sheffield which is a really cool location. There’s a few pics up on social media if you want a sneak peek…’

Although we didn’t get a chance to speak to them pre-gig, the final band are well worth a watch! London-based Lighthouse are a four piece indie-rock band from London with a huge sound, strong rhythmical riffs and sing-along indie hooks. Influenced by bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and The Bottlemen and The Libertines. Everyone will be in for a treat as Lighthouse love putting on exhilarating shows. 2015 saw them play a slot at Camden Electric Ballroom supporting the rifles and 2016 they got their first radio play on BBC introducing.

These bands have got so much on the horizon and this coming together of sounds will be an incredible show tonight – an eclectic mix of genres and an evening spent watching great bands as they entertain us and each other. Can’t wait!



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