On Saturday, 17th March 2018, an eclectic crowd of rowdy musicians and their followers will descend on Nambucca, Islington for a full-on celebration of all things Irish. Generation Next’s Paddy Day Special ft SHINERS will be an evening to remember!

nambucca st paddys day

Forget the fact that St Patrick was not really Irish (for the record he was 5th century British, ending up in Ireland after being sold into slavery) or that he didn’t really drive any snakes out of Ireland (snakes have never lived in Ireland – the ‘snakes’ were symbolic for the pagan Druid gods that Patrick ‘drove’ out of Ireland by converting the people to Christianity – oh, the joys of religion). Let’s enjoy the craic by bigging up our Irish heritages or lack of, drinking plenty of Guinness, Jamesons or whatever is your poison, while an array of some of the best current music the unsigned indie scene combine to create one of the best St Patrick’s Day events on the cards!

Early Bird Tickets (at the rate of £4.00) will be available until end of play Friday 16th March – if you put your details in the comments of this post we’ll ensure the staff at Nambucca get your details and you’ll pay that rate!

Medicine Club


medicine club 17.3.18

Photo: Shannen Long

Up first are this indie-rock dance trio with Noah on vocals, rhythm guitar and synth, Courtland on lead guitar, vocals, Ewan on bass and George on drums and beats. George and Ewan are new members and this will be their time playing a gig together. People coming to the gig can expect some hard hitting indie rock from Medicine Club although they agree their music is doused in elements from other genres such as dance and punk. In a nutshell, their mission is to make people fall in love with indie again. While they’ve never played at Nambucca before, they are really excited and love the history that Nambucca represents along with the fact that ‘it’s one hell of a cool venue’.

On Saturday, they’ll be driving up from not-so-sunny Canterbury, Kent and will be bringing one of their newer songs, yet to be revealed, and tracks from their self-titled debut EP released in October last year.



George, Alex, Jamie and Max are Deflectors, a new band out of Hackney, East London. They cite The Smiths, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Damned as some of their main influences. This band describe their sound as post-punk. This will be their second show.  They describe their sound as “upbeat jangly tunes for sad boys and girls”. They haven’t played Nambucca before and know the promoters do a lot to support local music so are really looking forward to it.  It’s only round the corner for them so they’ll just be popping in to play! Their set’s always up for changes as they have so many tunes in the bank, so they might drop something new in there. Their new single should be out next month though, so keep an eye out.

Their single, ‘Almost Ballet’ is out now.


drusila 2 17.3.18

Photo: Tom Westwell

Next up are George, Hugh and Thomas, who make up the visually and aurally striking Drusila. After seeing their first show in February, ‘Local Music Scene’ said ‘For all those fans who want the latest band to jump on, there is no need to look any further.’ They promise to give people more than just a gig and their live sets are carefully constructed to make the biggest impact on their audience. They hope to convert the audience to the Drusila way – a unique blend  influenced by The Horrors, The Cure and beyond.
They haven’t played Nambucca before but are really looking forward to this, their second live performance ever and can’t wait to show us what they’re made of, making the journey up from Portsmouth in Walter White’s RV (splitter van)  which should be quite a story in itself.
They are currently promoting their two lead singles ‘Something For Nothing’ and ‘Forget’. The video for ‘Something for Nothing can be found on their social media platforms.

The Kavaliers


Photo: Rachel Brown

With Tom on vocals, Alex on bass, Sam and Matty on guitar and vocals and Jordan on drum and vocals, these guys make up The Kavaliers. They are buzzing for this weekend and say there’s no doubt that this Saturday is going to be a banger. They know that the line up alone is a great indicator for a fantastic night.
They love Nambucca as a venue for live music. While they’ve been as punters, this will be their first time playing there. Because they feel Nambucca provides ‘a top drawer sound’ they can’t wait to get a piece of that! Mixed with the fact that it this is going down on St Patrick’s Day makes it all they could ask for. Although, because they’re driving down from Sheffield, they will be behaving themselves on Saturday but will make up for the lack of Guinness the following evening.
The Kavaliers can’t wait for more new London ears to experience their latest single ‘The Right Thing’ along with the corker of a set they’ve prepared.

The Trusted

trusted 2

Photo: Stretch1964

Nambucca can expect a show full of energy and raw passion from The Trusted this weekend. They hope for their songs to reach the audience and hope to take the crowd along with them.
They’ve played Nambucca several times over the past year or so and it’s one of their favourite London venues as there’s always such a great atmosphere. They are driving up from their hometown of Southend-On-Sea for the event and hope for their songs to take the crowd along with them. Their favourite thing about Nambucca is definitely the sound: a combination between the room itself, the sound system and the sound guys. Whatever it is, The Trusted told me, the music always sounds big!

Their single ‘Boy’ is a fine indicator of what to expect on Saturday. They also have a new single prepared for release so are building up to that. They can’t wait to introduce it on Saturday.



Photo: Emma Roberts

Our headlining band this evening are SHINERS, an East London band described by Clash magazine as a band ‘whose sound is steeped in Brit-Pop with a smart punk energy’. The four-piece made up by Jamie, Lenny, Edd Paul and Johnny Vox would go so far as to say their sound has a post punk rawness to it and can’t wait to explode on to Nambucca’s stage Saturday night. It will go off. They are looking forward to alcoholic beverages and good times and tell us to expect excessive amounts of sweat – they advise us to bring a towel or two. We may even be in store for a couple of air kicks, depending on how flexible they feel when they get up there and there may also be live music. Their set is one which is intimate, sweaty and up close. They confide that it always goes off in Nambucca and this is Paddy’s day, so they feel it’s fair to assume it will be a total riot! They plan to travel to Nambucca on their own private tube train, which as it turns out is also open to the public. SHINERS promise that the crowd can expect a lot of new stuff – there is talk of an eleven minute dub trap intro to ’19 Again’, but let’s see what goes off.  They’ll be promoting their latest EP ‘Now’ as well as their extensive range of BIG MERCH.




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