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It gives me great pleasure to be writing this preview. Why? because Scotland is in my heart along with my love (or obsession) rather, with music. The other week, as I stood outside my local record store on World Record Day, I remembered that within a few weeks time, I would be returning to this neck of the woods to attend my very first Forthside Festival. Forthside Festival is comprised of a wonderful variety of local music acts. Individual artists, bands and tribute bands such as ‘Stop The Clocks’ (Oasis) tribute, fronted by James Lafferty, one of the main organizers in bringing what has now proven to be an extremely popular, family-friendly festival together. With the likes of Ocean Colour Scheme, fronted by an almost identical vocalist and frontman in David Bateman, both bands of which I have personally seen and highly recommend to anyone wanting as good as the real thing.

Other big Scottish bands climbing up the ladder such as Falkirk trio ‘Primes’ with their invigorating alternative rock sound, and individual acts such as the incredibly talented ‘Pete Macleod’, whose talent managed to draw music executive Alan McGee out of retirement to manage him. With several stages packed full of music, not to mention ‘The Subliminal Dance Tent’, I feel this festival caters for most music tastes and I for one have good vibes about this. Infact, I know it’s going to be talked about for years to come. Am I attending? Yes. Will I be looking out for bands? Absolutely. And so with that, I cannot help but feel quite proud and somewhat patriotic that I will be attending something which will inevitably continue for years to come. It is down to the hard work, promotion, dedication and energy from James Lafferty, Stacey Bruton, Carolann McGeoch, David Coutts, Kev White, Colin Swain and Ian Smith, that this soon to be much-loved family festival was put together.

Tickets are now on special offer at £25 over at Skiddle: https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Stirling/Forthside-Festival-Site/Forthside-Festival-2019/13449680/#contentjump

Festival Website: https://forthsidefestival.co.uk




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