On Friday 6th April, Northern Exposure have a real treat in store for live music fans. At the recently refurbished Café Totem on Furnival Gate in Sheffield, the spectacular Calva Louise will be headlining for us, supported by three hugely talented bands: Floodhounds, The Superlatives and Dirty Laces. I caught up with the bands as they prepare for Friday’s gig to see how life is ticking along right now and asked them to give us a taste of what to expect.


Dirty Laces, a rock n roll five piece from Manchester told me that the audience a great performance from them. They’re currently in the process of writing and recording and are actually in the studio the following day getting some demos down – they may well be bringing some of the new material out for the first time on Friday night to temper the reaction of the crowd! Their EP ‘Modern Age’ is out now…

While they’ve not played Café Totem before, they have heard good things and can’t wait. They told me… 

‘There has been a whole stream of cracking bands playing, and more to play, with the likes of Boy Azooga set to play over the next month or so. We’re feeling really lucky to get the chance to play here.’

dirty laces

This is their first time playing Sheffield and they’re really excited about it…

‘The city has produced a lot of great bands like Pulp and Arctic Monkeys so we’re expecting a crowd that will be hard to please but we’re always looking to make our mark on new cities.’

They are big fans of Calva Louise

‘We played Jimmy’s with Calva Louise the other week in Manchester and they were great – they have a really solid set. ‘I’m Gonna Do Well’ is a banger.’

Dirty Laces told me that each performance is different, and their audiences now know to always expect the unexpected…

‘We’re always evolving and improving our set and performances. We want to up our game every gig we play – we mix it up a lot, so every gig is different. And as mentioned earlier we might be throwing in one or two new tunes.’

I asked the band what we can look forward to from them now and in the near future… 

‘We’ve just released our debut EP ‘The Modern Age EP’ on 12” vinyl which we’ll be selling some of them on the night. We’re also touring over April and May playing a couple of hometown shows in Manchester along with London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Northwich and Chester dates.’


Next up will be The Superlatives. For anyone thinking of coming to the Friday’s gig, I asked what an audience could
expect from this indie three piece from Leeds, to which they replied…

‘All passion and no technique.’ I asked them to elaborate. ‘Anyone coming along on Friday can expect a whole lot of energy and effort from us three as we try our hardest to make a noisy, tuneful racket.’

A slight exclusive from The Superlatives is that Jamie [Godley] managed to chop the end of his finger off at work recently, so he’ll be drumming with a regrown finger end!

‘Tom [ Gausde] went to uni in Sheffield, so we have a lot of love for the city. We’ve played a good few venues across the area and always loved the Sheffield crowds, they always seem to be more willing than others to listen to the latest music and get stuck in.’

Tom saw Calva Louise playing at the Brudenell in Leeds supporting Spring King. He added..

‘Dirty Laces sound cracking on ‘The Hypnotist’ and FloodHounds’ ‘I Wanna Know’ will be brilliant to see live!’

Aside from Jamie’s finger, the guys told me they’ll be throwing extra energy into this one. They feel it’s been far too long since they last played in Sheffield. The Superlatives will also be promoting two new songs which we’re soon to record and hopefully get out there shortly.


Our main support for the evening are the incredible homegrown Floodhounds, a fast paced Sheffield indie band who play rock’n’roll  layered in blues. I asked them what audiences could expect.

‘There’ll be some tastily heavy grooves laden with bluesy vibes smashed on top of thunderous beats. Like a rock n roll sandwich.’


They promise to be playing some new stuff.

‘Our latest tune, ‘Stepping Stone’, is a real swampy stompy rolling delta blues tune, but rammed through a big fat fuzz pedal.’

They’ve played Café Totem before a number of times, in fact they refer to it as their go-to venue for Sheffield gigs as their last four Sheffield shows have been there, each one sold out, supporting some amazing bands. They have high hopes for this next gig too! They explain…

‘[Café Totem] is small, so a buzzing atmosphere is always guaranteed. The team that run it are all great people and they seem to book the best up n comers around.’

Sheffield is their hometown so they find playing there always fun, and the after parties are better! In fact, they tell me…

‘It’s nice once you progress from just playing to mates to playing to new people, and now the hometown shows are a great mix of both.’

The guys from Floodhounds have been meaning to catch Calva Louise for ages, and they were ‘well happy’ they got the offer to support, because they would’ve been there watching the gig anyway…

‘And I’ve heard good things about The Superlatives and Dirty Laces. It’s gonna be such a good gig!’

So can fans expect anything new from the this time in this performance?

‘Well we have a new bass player! Joel’s only been with us for a couple of months now. Other than that, there’s always something slightly new. Or just something a little bit better than last time. We always feel that the best gig ever was “the last gig” so can’t wait for the next one.’

They’ve just recorded a new single so that’s going to be announced very soon – they just need to tie up a few loose ends mix wise. We’ll keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, check out their last video for Wide Awake (also filmed at Cafe Totem) and keep an eye out for gigs.


Our headliner for the night is the mighty Calva Louise who played last year for us at The Frog and Parrot, Sheffield. This band got everyone up out of the seats as they started to play and kept the crowd standing throughout. They are mesmerising to watch and just incredible musicians – Jess’s voice will remain with you and their songs will stay with you long after you’ve left the building. They’ve recently announced a support tour with another favourite of ours – Strange Bones. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 13.12.31

They’ll be playing a new song for us on Friday and while they haven’t played Café Totem before, they’ve heard a lot about the venue from other friends in bands and are looking forward to it. They’ve played once before in Sheffield that time at The Frog and Parrot and remember it being a mega crowd. In particular, they are looking forward to seeing the other bands on Friday as that’s always a great part of the night for them – they’ve played already with Dirty Laces and really enjoyed their set last time. Their ‘I’m Gonna Do Well’ music video is just about to be released and they are looking forward to how it is received. 


TICKETS FOR THIS FRIDAY: https://www.seetickets.com/event/ne-presents-calva-louise-special-guests/caf-totem/1191830



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