Wednesday 21st March sees the supersonic Bugeye, the London three-piece described as a mash-up between The Pixies and Blondie, performing at West Street Live, on the sixth date on their UK tour. They’ve played Exeter, London, Brighton, Bristol, Exeter and Canterbury and now they’re hitting Sheffield so brace yourselves!

bugeye tour dates
They played at West Street Live about a year ago with indie-glam band Fling. I hear it was a very drunken and funny night for reasons they’re neglecting to comment on (!) but they’re looking forward to being back and hope to make Sheffield a regular feature on our tour schedule. They love the space and say they had such a great crowd last time they played and the sound was pretty awesome there too which is key for this band. Bugeye love the stage too: ‘It’s a good size stage too – to thrash around on – which makes for a better performance!’

So, tomorrow afternoon, they’ll be loading up the ‘uncool mum car’ and doing a round trip in one day and they’ll be drawing straws as to who drives… Angela told me she’s drawn the short straw way too many times on this tour. ‘I think Paula’s been fixing the results somehow. Never trust a bass player!’
Bugeye have a fantastic new single to push and a few other new songs in the set since their last venture to Sheffield. They’re road testing new songs as they go along, so any feedback from gig-goers will be most welcome! Northern Exposure will also be there to feel that buzz tomorrow!

Their next single comes out on the 13 April…

bugeye new single not the one


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