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Before we start, let me introduce to you The Blinders; who they are and why they are so very important…

There was a time when music was considered an art form. Sadly, it seems that these days, too many bands play it safe, and the same regurgitated sounds drown-out our radio playlists. Well, those days are at an end, and all hail The Blinders, the most exciting band I have come across in a very long time. They are fresh, original and are impossible to pin down to one specific genre, due to the diverseness and uniqueness of their sound.

What’s important about this band?

Lyrics and sound are not enough for me- the music must move you and trust me, it does. These songs have a purpose, they are thought provoking and lyrically, there’s a lot going on. Music with a message can be a very powerful force.


The Blinders depict a litany of current events with an almost poetic narrative, with their most recent example being the administration of ‘The Idiot King’, Donald Trump. This scathing comment is housed within their latest single, ‘Brave New World‘, a nod to Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel of the same name. As such, the single merges key themes of such literature, blending them into the modern world. For the uninitiated (and the lucky souls who didn’t do English at uni), this revolves around an imaginary, yet not unbelievable society, which is potently unpleasant, dehumanising, and very, very bleak… It seems this amalgamation of literature and music, blended with the modern world, fits almost perfectly in 2017. 

Brave New World‘ reflects what is happening socially and politically right now. Rock ‘n’ roll and politics have always gone hand-in-hand; Struggles are cemented in rock ‘n’ roll’s blues roots, throughout the protest songs of the 1960’s to the volcano of punk that erupted in the late-70’s, and to this very day. Rock ‘n’ roll music has always been there to protest and rage against social and political injustices. Regardless of whether this is intentional in ‘Brave New World‘, The Blinders certainly are adhering to rock ‘n’ roll tradition in this sense. 

Drawing inspiration not only from music, but literature and their surroundings, I caught up with Thomas, the front-man of The Blinders, to ask him what are the ten songs that move and inspire him. 

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Tom: How it all started. The single reason I picked up a guitar. Hearing it for the first time ignited something inside of me. I listened to the song for two weeks straight; I was ten.

It’s All Over Now – Baby Blue – Bob Dylan

End Of The Night – The Doors

The Arctic Monkeys – Potion Approaching

Tom: The Humbug era taught me how to write music.

Touch The Leather – Fat White Family 

I Wanna Be Forgotten – Bass Drum of Death

The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever

Tom: I’d always ‘liked’ The Beatles but I was never overly into them until about a year ago. I listened to Strawberry Fields, whilst a little under the influence with a few friends and it was like a lightbulb over my head. Suddenly the goal posts had shifted and it was all so clear; The lyrics, the song structures, the production. Now I don’t go a day without listening to The Beatles. They are the most important musical aspect of my life period.

Ballard of Jim Jones – The Brian Jonestown Massacre 

Heroin – The Velvet Underground

Fire – Arthur Brown

You can listen to Tom’s playlist below on Spotify. 

The Blinders, headline tour in February:

2 – Glasgow, King Tuts
3 – Manchester, Deaf Institute
5 – Leicester, The Cookie
6 – Swindon, The Victoria
7 – Bristol, Louisiana
8 – Cardiff, The Globe
9 – Brighton, Sticky Mikes
10 – Stoke On Trent, The Sugarmill
13 – Newcastle Upon-Tyne, Think Tank? Underground
14 – Sheffield, Record Junkee
15 – Derby, The Venue
16 – Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge
17 – Oxford, The Cellar
19 – Southampton, Joiners
21 – London, The Lexington
22 – Bournemouth, Sixty Million Postcards
23 – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club (Community Room)
24 – Ramsgate, Music Hall

All tickets at:



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