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Load the car and board a ferry because the legendary This Feeling tent is back with Pretty Green and Pirate Studios at the Isle of White Festival for yet another rip-roaring year of heavy riffs and skull crushing bass-lines. With that in mind we’re here to once again to advise you on who to run between tents trying to catch because the next big thing may quite be right under your nose. This year our fellow northern comrades, Bang Bang Romeo, have been promoted up to the main-stage and any of the following bands have the tracks and charm to quickly follow suit.


Despite only having a meagre five tracks released to the world Sugarthief always have a dedicated fan-base at home in Birmingham, where the crowds are overflowing with energy and a slurry of sweaty teens cascade over the crowd on a constant basis. Their stage presence encapsulates anybody standing before them, forcing them into a joyous bop that is sure to quickly catch on. Single When Did It All Go So Wrong? Is definitely the one to listen if you’re looking for an introduction to these boys, with catchy hooks and a solid bass-line you’ll be singing the words right back into their face in no time at all.


With three members, five languages and a whole lot a love to go around, recent Modern Sky signings Calva Louise are ready to shake the ceilings with their infectious energy that bubbles over into a fizzing set. Possibly the loveliest front-woman in music, Jess Eastwood, bounds across the stage with a beaming smile, that is before the ferocity of Getting Closer kicks in and things become a little twisted – the screams sit in perfect juxtaposition to their swelling melodies, creating a joyous grunge feel.

As they sit on a handful of tracks they have set in stone, and only a couple released online, we can see this band flying through the stages this summer and becoming favourites of anybody who has the pleasure of witnessing the legendary sets to come.


The Velvet Hands bring their 60’s rock and roll vibe to the new age with a modern zest that includes rolling drums and quick-fire lips that’re sure to take control of your hips as you twist and shake your way to the front of the stage. Their debut album, Party’s Over, dropped a couple of months ago and has since received raving reviews; with BBC Radio One even making it their album of the week. Since then they’ve stormed their way across England and have encapsulated crowds that have grown show by show as word quickly spreads of the sweaty zones that they supply time and time again.


The Surrenders will have you surrendering to them as your arms are raised and your knees melt down to the ground. Their lyrics truly bring the blues back to life and kick it right back into the modern era – If you mixed the guitars of Jimi Hendrix and the soulful tone of Albert King and made it sound fresh as hell then this is what you would get. Their self-titled EP is a masterpiece in its own right as each track somehow matches the last without a single disappointment in sight as we continuously fell in love as the tracks went on.


Brighton based brothers Lee and Nick Meldrum make SONS, a two piece who master angry music. Despite it only being the two of them they create a guttural wall of sound that punctures your flesh and reverberates around your bones. For an idea of what to expect listen to Reptiles and Zealot which are the bands two heaviest and most dance worth tracks, you’ll be thrashing your way around the bedroom in no time. Like the twisted lovechild of Slaves and Drenge the band find the perfect middle ground between the two to make genuine punk tracks that’re honest and brash.

Making their debut onto the festival circuit last year they’re now ready to two step their way around these fields as they become familiar stomping grounds, where will you be when the pit opens up?

With stage splits to be announced, here’s the full line-up.






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