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Velvet, Scouse licks weave their way through Nocturnal Coast’s new release, Dance. The track, a turning point for the band, sees them reinvigorate their indie-rock sound. No longer writing their music with a guitar, lead singer Luke Saleh Saunders has gravitated towards “writing a synth melody and basing the track around that,” crediting the new sound to his recently acquired keyboard.

The overly critical tone that was once quintessential Nocturnal Coast is no more, with the band instead finding light in their observations, or “throwing some bright colours on it” as they say. Leaning towards sarcasm rather than cynicism and tracking their musical heritage back, the four-piece have found calm amongst the recent storm.

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Credit – Gary Lambert / Glam Gig Pics

The track captures a moment of romantic uncertainty, as we witness the protagonist battle both love, loss and the complexities of an overcomplicated world. But they, just as we, cannot skip to the end. They must see it through, the good, the bad and the ugly, as to skip is to miss it all. A microcosmic metaphor of the present hardships and the glimmer of beauty we find in and amongst the pain.

As the intertwining lovers travel face the high and lows of their undetermined destiny, the illustrated lyric video walks alongside them. Released on the same day as the single, Dance is being premiered as the complete package. The dual release mirroring the way in which the track was created. With songwriter Luke taking influence from famous film writers like Stanley Kubrick, he chooses to flip the script, using film to draw inspiration for his music. In turn, creating a cinematic production of the song and bringing in up-and-coming TikTok star, Rosa Kubsabbi (@rosa_illustration), to ensure his vision came to life.

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Credit – Rosa Kusabbi

2020/2021 was set to see the band tour the UK, take their sound to Amsterdam and continue to add to their long list of performance slots, with previous gigs seeing them support likes of Good Cop Bad Cop and gracing the stage of Tramlines 2018.

But the band are more than comfortable with the pause of normality, using their time to write and plan the next big thing. Lead singer Luke explained, “at first it was alright,” with lockdown one seeing him write “a couple of albums and over 50 songs.” As the rest of us are experiencing, the longer the pandemic goes on, the more critical we become. But the band are hopeful that the positivity their new track will bring to its listeners will help ease the burden of this difficult and unprecedented time.








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