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Stockport’s Funk Rock freight train, No Hot Ashes are blossoming into one of the UK Indie scenes brightest young bands. Through constant touring, festival appearances and dropping nonstop bangers, this young band are gaining masses of fans in front of our very eyes.

We caught up with the lads before they head out on tour and completely take over the world to talk all things style, mixing genres and the possibility of having an elephant’s trunk growing out of your face…

Where are you in the world?

Currently in our hometown of Stockport, Manchester.

You have accomplished a lot so far, how do you keep momentum up?

The past 2 years have been very busy. We try to constantly be playing shows around the country and always be active on social media to keep in touch with our fans and make new ones.

You mix a lot of genres within your sound; do you find that that helps or hinders you as a young band or are genres a dead concept?

Bit of both really. Some people don’t get it and those who do, love it. We’ve never set out to be a particular band or sound like a particular band. We’ve just fused together all of our strong attributes as unique musicians and always written our songs as uniquely as we can. Never trying to recreate something else. Generally, we don’t care much for genres or labels. If you like an act/band. You like them no matter what labels.

Do you prefer touring or recording?

Very tough. We love both. Recording is always very fulfilling as we get to craft everything we have been working hard on at home and in the practise room. You get to see songs go from nothing to fully completed pieces of work.

How do you pass the time on tour?

A lot of talking, 8 Ball Pool, Spotify & taking pictures. We always try and see as much of the Cities/Towns we are playing in as we can.

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If you could tour with anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why?

It would have to be someone outrageous like James Brown, CHIC or Red Hot Chili Peppers. That would be our dream tour. To be so close to our idols and biggest influences as musicians would be a dream.

You guys have great style, how important is style to you?

We try our best! As 4 members we are all pretty different in style and interest, but you’ll generally find us wearing a combo of the following brands: Levis, Adidas, Dr Martens, Hunter & Nelson (big support) & Carhartt.

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How important is branding to young bands? Does it actually matter?

In this day and age, you are often seen before you are heard. People are attracted to the aesthetic of bands before they listen to them. They may go on to love the music but with social media and PR being such a huge part of bands these days you have to make sure you are seen online. On the flip side there are still bands who are making a name for themselves purely on the back of their live shows which is great to see. As a band we have always strived to have a brand/concept to all of our releases which has then gone on to stick with us throughout the campaign until our next release.

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All across the board clothing and equipment, what are you wearing and representing?

Dr Martens, Levis, Adidas, Hunter & Nelson, Eastwood Guitars, Fender Guitars & Ernie Ball Strings.

Skint Kids Disco is a true indie banger, what inspired it?

Basically, growing up as young musicians in the North West of England. Being able to relate to our young fanbase and make them feel a part of this band. Again, we wanted to create this idea of a “Skint Kids Disco” being an actual event in time and that all worked perfectly together the day after our EP released with a sold out 950 capacity show at Manchester Academy 2.

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No Hot Ashes are consistent in releasing new music, what have you learned from your previous releases and what would you want to achieve from an album?

Each release has been a stepping stone. We have always learnt something new from each campaign and aim to do things better each time. We have learnt to always be ahead of your game and be writing non-stop. Always have stuff recorded to have on hand even if there is no plans to release just yet. Build up hype and buzz for your release and really get people talking about your release before it is out. Create your own hype. We want our debut album to be special, as do most bands. You only get one shot at a debut and it usually defines your career. We want it to be interesting and have an eclectic mix of tracks on it.


Would You Rather?

Would you rather wear one roller-skate for the rest of your life or every song you listen to sounds like Ska?

The latter.

Would you rather only be able to drink cool cups of tea for the rest of your life or eat wet toast?

Wet Toast

Would you rather have horse’s hooves or an elephant’s trunk?

Deffo an elephant’s trunk.

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Skint Kids Disco EP is out NOW!

The Tour kicks off 13th July at Rivfest.






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