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The world’s first 24hr radio station broadcasting from a pub, launches in London. 

The world’s first and only 24/7 online radio station broadcasting inside a pub, launched on Thursday 25th January at the studio headquarters, in the legendary Boogaloo in Highgate, North London. 

The launch night was hosted by a selection of Boogaloo Radio DJs, where people witnessed the station live as it’s pumped through to the bar, and all had the opportunity to personally meet the presenters. 

The Boogaloo Pub has been carving its place in London’s rock n’ roll history for years. The Libertines began their career working in the pub, Shane MacGowan resided upstairs and regulars have included Nick Cave, Joe Strummer, The Streets, Sinead O’Connor, Primal Scream, Ken Kesey, Howard Marks and countless others. There are many stories and myths surrounding the pub, and they are most likely all true. 

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Boogaloo Radio has been inspired by concepts such as Boiler Room and The Lot Radio in NYC. Taking advantage of new technology, such as real time streaming and mixing that with their little black book of Boogaloo regulars means the pub is shared with everyone- from locals at the bar, to those listening on the other side of the world. 

“Boogaloo Radio is the world’s first global local.” 

Boogaloo Radio DJs include the likes of Stiff Records founder Dave Robinson, Amanda Abbington, The Libertines, Bernard Butler, Jack White’s Third Man Books, Ace Records, The Magic Numbers, Shane MacGowan, David Morrissey, Rachel D’Arcy and Ren Harvieu. So far guests have included Holly Johnson, Clem Burke, Blood Red Shoes, Kit Harington, Bez (Happy Mondays), Charlie Cox, Irvine Welsh, Madness and Johnny Marr, along with countless writers, bands, record shops, labels, local businesses, comedians and characters who happened to be having a pint or passing. 

Boogaloo Radio has no mandatory playlists, no adverts and its’ shows regularly dominate the MixCloud community radio chart. The station’s only criteria for its presenters is an unapologetic love for good music and good stories. 

Bringing together over 50 presenters made up of the most interesting and diverse selection of Boogaloo characters: musicians, artists, poets, welders, actors, producers, undertakers, students, directors, journalists, electricians, singers and restaurateurs. When on air, they play by no rules and have total creative license with their show. 

Boogaloo Radio was founded by DJ Jenn Crothers and Gerry O’Boyle, the landlord of The Boogaloo, and former owner of the infamous Filthy Mac Nasty’s pub. 

Gerry says

“Boogaloo Radio is the most exciting thing we have ever done. We are able to share the pub, its musical heritage, it’s amazing presenting talent and the chaos of operating an online radio station broadcasting to 227 countries from an old bin shed in the pub beer garden in true punk rock guerrilla style. If we were a book, we’d be ‘Please kill me’…” 

Jenn adds,

“Using the original 1960’s American FM radio format where the presenter is also the curator, alongside modern technology we’ve built a direct bridge between host and listener, creating that feeling of listening to one of your good friends. It’s an old formula, brought to you by modern technology, and we’re doing it from the back of a pub. The aim is for listeners to feel like they are in on the excitement. The pub has become the station and vice versa. Our plan is to live stream everything that happens – gigs, debates, comedy, pub quizzes and DJ sets.“ 

The studio can be viewed by all, as it is in the pub’s old bin shed, smack bang in the middle of the beer garden. A combination of speakers and multiple TVs broadcasting Boogaloo radio throughout the pub, ensures everyone tunes in when they pop in for a pint. 

Tonight, between  5PM-7PM our good friend, DJ Katie Owen, will be playing her top ten tracks of 2017, with upcoming artists, Welsh musicians who are shining through, films, festivals, and gigs plus much more. She will also spin the first radio play of The Kavaliers new single ‘The Right Thing’.

To tune in, either download the app (search ‘Boogaloo Radio’ in the Android and iOS app stores) or visit and click ‘listen live’. 

Twitter: @Boogaloo_Radio

Instagram: @BoogalooRadio 



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