We are delighted to announce that Northern Exposure have teamed up with ComRock Recording Studio and Record Label in Sheffield! 


Sharing our passion for all things music, we are very excited about what this will mean for both parties in the coming months and future. Not only will we be working alongside Steve, Joel and their team discovering all the new music the UK has to offer but we will also be moving into the same building. 

As from today, Northern Exposure will be situated in the beautiful ‘The Full Monte‘ building at the side of the Adelphi in Attercliffe, Sheffield.

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Northern Exposure, now in its third year has always been about working alongside people, from all backgrounds in music, from the big to the small we’ve covered it all. We’ve released our own compilation album for charity, teamed up with some fantastic brands like Pretty Green, Baracuta, Merc clothing, Indie Girls Dream, Scotts Menswear, Brewdog and many more. We’ve put on many gigs up and down the UK, and covered every UK major festival for the past three years. We’ve worked with some great record labels including Alan Mcgee’s Creation23 and Richard Searle of Well Suspect and now ComRock Records. We feel this is a brilliant opportunity for us to be based on our doorstep in the heart of Sheffield where the musical past and present continue to flourish. 

Places like The Full Monte are rare and essential ingredients in every community. The Full Monte provides opportunities for people to meet and be exposed to a variety of neighbours in the music and arts world. The possibilities are just endless in this building,  the interior which boasts three floors and exterior rooftop (a work in progress) enables artists to record and perform live music, curate exhibitions, attend yoga classes and is a phenomenal space to display art. It is a really valuable space for music and art-driven projects and the community at large. We are extremely happy to be part of it. 

We will continue to work nationally within music but for a few upcoming projects, we are looking to speak with bands from Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley. Please email Rachel at contact@northern-exposure.co (just .co) if this is you.



ComRock Records is a community hub birthed through the network of the Sheffield music scene.

Coming from a promotions background, it has developed and grown to be a practice space, recording studio and most importantly, a label. We know we’re surrounded by a huge pool of talent and want to help artists in any way we can to get their music heard.

Steve Goodburn started Comrock primarily as a promotions company that later fused with another company called ‘Up In’t Smoke’, (started by Joel Woodruff) aimed at promoting both music and local artists, allowing them to show off their work and reach a relevant audience. Since then, we’ve gone on to sign bands, release successful singles and music videos, with album releases imminent, put on shows at multiple venues in and out of Sheffield and helped craft a finely tuned community of very talented creative people.

When we moved into the characterful building now known as “The Full Monte” in Attercliffe, we finally had a place to call our HQ and really get down to business. This whole building (located next to the old Adelphi Theatre) has so much potential and attracts creative people en mass.

So, here we are, primed, lock, stock and barrel ready to take ALL OF US, TOGETHER, to the front and centre of the national and, with your help, international scene. 

The old slogan for Up In’t Smoke was: “TOGETHER WE CAN SUCCEED” and we come to work every day knowing this is 100% true.

We can’t wait to work with our new family members Northern Exposure. We think its a fantastic opportunity that will benefit both business’s from now on and into the future.

Big things are on the horizon, we can feel it.

Residency and studio time is now being booked at ComRock. Get in touch on their socials ASAP to avoid disappointment.


Northern Exposure, ComRock Records and The Full Monte building will be holding an exclusive invite-only launch party. It is to be held in the old snooker hall that sits on the second floor. More details to follow on our socials. 



Web: www.northern-exposure.co

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NorthernExposure2017/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NorthExpWebzine

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/northernexposure_music/


Web: http://comrockrecords.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComRockRecords/

Twitter: twitter.com/comrockstudios

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/comrockstudios/


The Full Monte welcomes anyone into the space who has an interest in music or the arts and has office and event space available, please contact their Instagram for more details.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fullmonte_attercliffe/




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