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Trampolene, the Welsh three-piece alternative rock band currently storming their way around the UK festival and gig circuit, and who have been announced as special guests with Liam Gallagher on five sold-out arena shows in December 2017. Jack Jones, Wayne Thomas and Rob Steele write and perform with have a unique, raw edge. Think Clash, Kinks, Sex Pistols but only gentler somehow. Jack Jones is also a member of Peter Doherty’s touring band, The Puta Madres, playing lead guitar when he has a spare minute! Trampolene have released six EPs in the last three years and their debut album, Swansea to Hornsea was released on 27th October. We caught up with Jack before their performance at our MAH Leadmill gig.

Thank you so much for playing guys – we really appreciate it..

No thank you for having us – we’re looking forward to it.

So can you tell me why was it important for you to be involved in MAH gig?

I think I’ve said before, that I think homelessness is just a horrible thing. I mean I’ve had times in my life when I’ve been homeless and it’s horrible – there’s just no place for it in this day and time. Especially when there are people with empty hotels, just so they can buy land, you know? It just seems so wrong somehow. The greed of people is just unforgivable really.

There’s a real imbalance.

It’s just not the way things should really be but it’s the way things are and you see that in so many different walks of life. It’s not fair.

And we see so often now that it’s the people at a grass roots level supporting – it’s the charity work that supports them and not the state.

Yes completely.

When it’s their responsibility.

The state works for the state to be fair and that’s just the way it is. I dunno. Everyone’s got a bit of ego madness in them and those with more end up making all the decisions with all the money.

I know being involved in this event is very important to you. Have you done anything like this in the past?

It’s something I feel empathy towards you know? So yes I do. If there’s anything you can do to help, then why not? It’s better than sitting in the house crying about it try and do something.

It’s just been announced that there are over 300,000 people homeless in the UK – these are the latest figures – how can you see that improving or changing? Can you see a way forward from this? What would you do?

It just sounds so simple doesn’t it? There are 300,000 people without a home there are probably a million spare beds across the country but for some reason life isn’t kind and isn’t the way it should be. Two and two doesn’t always make four.

Tragic isn’t it?

Yes, and I don’t know why it is. It doesn’t make sense. I think people are only interested in themselves a lot of the time and we’re all guilty of that in some ways too, but I don’t know but if I had power I’d obviously try to change that as quick as I could. I don’t know how I could do it – I dunno – if someone had a billion pounds ask them to go and build a massive hotel somewhere and house everyone for free and not care but they wouldn’t do that would they? It’s like everyone’s got their own priorities at heart and everyone looks after their own.

Yes of course.

And there are some people who don’t even look after their own. If that makes sense.

Yes, it does.

I dunno. I don’t know. If you’re asking me for a solution, then there’s a great long complicated problem that could be solved really simply, basically. If someone needs help, help them out. It’s politics really. That’s what it all boils down to. And politics is a murky, murky pool.

It certainly is. So, how do you feel about playing at Sheffield’s iconic Leadmill?

I can’t believe it. It’s such a pleasure. I’ve never played here before. I spent a lot of time up here as a kid as my mum’s from up here so I spent a lot of time up here. My Grandad took me once as a kid – it’s a bit mad really. They used to have a text screen on the wall where you could text the screen and your message would come up – my Grandad sent me a little message on the screen saying, ‘Jack’s the best grandson in the country!’


Yeah – and then I sent one back saying, ‘I got the best Grandad in the world!’ And everyone thought we were really sad, but we didn’t care.

Are you looking forward to tonight then?

Yes I’m really excited. We’ve just done nine gigs in a row, so this will be the perfect way to put a cap on it at this beautiful historic venue. And we haven’t played with Cabbage somehow …


I know – you’d have thought we’d have done it before today!

Well I’m glad you’re getting a chance to play together tonight.

Yeah – ’cause we’ve both got quite a similar vibe – people have said that. So, I think it’s gonna go off tonight.

I think it will when you look at the size of the room and we’re sold out completely!

Wicked- well I hope there’s lots of people with boxes going around raising money and people will chuck money in. I’ll chuck a pound in.

Any upcoming news from you guys?

Well we’ve got a single out on the 8th December but it’s already on the album. Are we doing anything else? Oh yes – we’re supporting Liam Gallagher on tour in December.

Oh yes, I’m going to see you then! Well thank you for your time tonight, Jack.

Well we’re happy to help –  anything we can do really – that’s why people like to come so far to see what bands do. We have no political allegiance, we can just speak the truth of life.  We don’t dress it up in any of this political language that people don’t understand –

And this speaks a lot to young people – there’s a real revolution going on right now.

Well there’s a massive massive divide between the youth and the old generation. Huge divide. I read somewhere when they interviewed Damon Albarn and he said something like the Middle England political view seems to be ruling now even though they are a minority. He seems a clever guy and knows what he’s talking about.  I don’t know why people can’t just be polite to each other and get along. Maybe there should be a new political group called the Polite Party.

I’d join that.

They’d have to be polite and honest. The Polite and Honest Party.

I like the Polite and Honest Party.

The P and H Party. Let’s do it.

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Interview: Kate O Brien

Edited: Rachel Brown

Photography: Mal Whichelow


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