Monarchs are….

Sam Amos – Guitar and vocals

Jamie Hayes – Bass and vocals

Jamie Smith – Drums and vocals

Monarchs are an Indie Rock trio from Kettering, East Midlands who met through mutual friends, blinded by a passion for music they formed Monarchs and have knocked together a belting 5 track EP. In 2016, MONARCHS supported bands such as Crows, Get Inuit, The Amazons, and Trampolene.

 Influenced by Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Band of Skulls their EP album, Secrets, reflects a young mans take on love and relationships. 

Their brand of hook-laden indie rock at times has a dark undertone. 

There’s lots of feeling through the EP’s songs, and these guys definitely have the know-how and creativity to write an enjoyable, successful, better than average song.

Monarchs manage to attain a level of emotional depth, and that combined with songs as slick and memorable as these, the result is something special.

The Monarchs are far from your average indie band, they clearly show the talent for becoming much, much more.

Secrets – The guitar riff hooks you in on this tune from the outset. The guitar work on this track really stands out. Representing maybe a first meeting and finding yourself enticed by lust, you scope their characteristics and play your cards close to your chest with circumspect.

Wolves – Starts off but slowly picks up as the track goes along. Trying to get away from the drinking and party scene and refusing to be guided and drawn back in by bad influence “The wolves are out to play, you better stay away”

This is Love – A rockier number, with a foot tapping beat ‘This Is Love’ reflects life during the transition from single life to falling in love and being guided willingly into a relationship.

Tried to Forgot – A light, but dynamic rhythm ‘Tried To Forget’ tells the story of leaving your past behind and drawing a line under the one you loves past and starting new to aid progression in a relationship.

Keeper of the Flame – A lovely, slow melodic number, with gliding and sliding harmonies and chiming guitar, it tells the story about when the realisation hits that you have met the love of your life and it hits you like lightening. It fills you will elation and you’ll do whatever it takes to keep it. Keeper of the Flame is slow yet has a perfectly paced tone to go along with some great lyrics.

2017 is going to be a huge year for the band, and they are looking to secure more gigs and support slots around the country.

They are playing at Bedford Esquires supporting Missing Andy on March 4th

Lisa Lyla Devoy



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