The Mease are Derby’s biggest followed new indie band and are set to release their debut album in 2022 – following up their independent releases to date. On a mission to unleash mega-catchy guitar tunes reminiscent of the golden era of British indie rock n roll, The Mease sound has been likened to The Coral, Richard Ashcroft and early Oasis. The five-piece indie psych-pop rockers regularly feature on BBC Introducing and are expanding their live presence across the UK with headline slots in Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby and a Main Stage festival slot in The Cotswolds supporting The Bluetones.

In just 6 months, The Mease have written, recorded and released a 5-track debut EP and 5 singles, grown 3,000 Instagram followers and have started recording their debut album. Tris (lead singer/songwriter) and Guy (lead guitarist) recorded a special ’60 Second Interview’ for Northern Exposure.

Sum up the band in 5 words.

 Tris: Every. Band. From. The. Nineties.

Who writes your songs?

Tris: Ed Sheeran… Haha, up to now the tunes have started with me. Generally, it starts as an acoustic song and the other lads then come in and add their bits. More recently, it’s more of a collaborative process where we all chip in on the structure and take the songs in different directions. It’s sent us down a more psychedelic route with all of our influences coming into the mix. Everything from The Coral, Kula Shaker and Paul Weller to Springsteen, Rolling Stones and Dylan.

Guy: Our last EP features a song written by Adam (bass/piano player) and I’ve put a couple of songs forward. One of those will definitely be on it.

Favourite underground band?

Tris: Probably Marseille. Fellow Derby band. Great lads, great songs. We’ve seen them grow from performing at open mic nights that we used to run, to playing big stages. Big things to come from those lads for sure.

Guy: Yeah definitely. The Dream Machine are another band I’m getting into since we saw them support The Coral recently. They’re quite psychedelic as well and have some really catchy melodies. 

Any upcoming shows or festivals?

Tris: Yeah we’re playing Rough Trade Nottingham which is sold out again. We’ve got a headline gig at Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham and we’ve got The Breakout Festival in The Cotswolds in July.

Guy: Yeah, top lineup for that as well with Mark Morriss (The Bluetones), Cascade, Ynes, Marseille and more. So yeah, we’re managing to get a few gigs in between recording our album so it’s a busy time for us.

What’s next for The Mease?

Tris: We’re recording our debut album which should be out in the autumn. We’ve got some mega new tunes lined up for it.

Guy: It’s hard to describe the sound. Every band says this but it’s genuinely unique, you know. We’re not another Oasis or Arctic Monkeys wannabe band. We’ve got bangers but we’ve got great melodies and proper lyrics – a few of the songs are quite political actually. It’s hard not to be influenced by all the mad stuff in the world right now.



Guy: We’ve got Derby, Forest, Leicester, Liverpool & Arsenal in the band. And, apart from Liverpool, Forest have beat all of them this season (and we nearly did a job on them!)


Guy: We’re basically sponsored by Pretty Green. Or should be…

Top tune of all time?

Guy: ‘Long Long Road’ by The Mease. It goes down really well when we play it live and it’s gonna be the first single off our debut album out later this year so watch out for that.

The Mease are planning to release their debut album on vinyl pre-sale very soon. In the meantime they released a treat for the true indie fans with a special double A-side featuring straight up rock n roll tune ‘This Town’ and a psychedelic 90s trip ‘(Black & White) Shades of Blue’. The latter is a fan favourite from their live set which has been captivating audiences as their set closer. It’s 50% The Verve, 25% Kasabian, 25% Primal Scream. ‘This Town’ is another rip-roaring guitar attack of a tune, this time written by bass player Adam and is going down a storm with fans of The Jam, The Sherlocks and The Skinner Brothers.



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