In an endless stream of bleak news and uncertainty, it’s fair to say that many of us have experienced very testing times of late. With the difficulties of lockdown and endless government strains, positivity has been very hard to find. Anyway, that’s enough negativity –

enter Matthew Holland and All The King’s Men at the perfect timing, reminding us of the sheer importance of just being good to yourself and others.

As soon as the video rolls (credit to the talented videographer Barnaby Fairley), you’re hit with psyched out, sun kissed visuals that lift the mood immediately as Matthew Holland’s melodies soar over classic Les Paul rock n roll riffs – think Lynyrd Skynyrd and Stone Roses circa 95 harmonising a very simple but important message: “Love shines on everyone”.

“We’re living in quite surreal times that seem to be peddled by hate, so this is a direct response to that. At the moment everybody needs more love in their life, for themselves and each other.” said Matthew.

However, the song isn’t just a retaliation to the world’s misery, but is testament to the band and their chemistry. When we interviewed them last month, it was clear that they were a group of mates bouncing off each other and making music for all the right reasons. Alongside Matthew is Drummer Ben Robinson, Bassist Tino Caine and percussionist Andrew Smith who work out of a studio space belonging to renowned producer, Dean Glover, who has helped the band record countless tracks which we can look out for in the future.

On a piss-wet-through Northern afternoon like the one at the time of this being written, Matthew Holland and All The King’s Men will be sure to lift the spirits.

Give it a play at the link below.  








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