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I like to think we’ve got good taste in music – thankfully people seem to like a lot of the bands we support and promote and we get thanked a lot for putting people on to bands they’ve not heard of, which for us, is the whole reason we work so hard. Luckily, a lot of the bands we supported when they were on a smaller scale have gone on to do great things and have been snapped up by booking agents, management and the big nationwide promoters – we could not be prouder of them. The support for these bands never stops but I guess that’s the aim of most people working on the unsigned scene – like myself the aim is to put the upcoming bands on people’s radar and then hopefully when they hit it big they remember us and come back and play for us. (Yes bands, pens out – make a note of that!)

While there are plenty of new, refreshing artists currently on the scene, there are without a doubt some who we believe deserve more attention and as the above states – need putting on people’s radars. This is where our showcasing gigs come in and provide the opportunity for bands to be picked up by our readers. 

Our next gig is at Jimmy’s on Sunday the 29th of April. On the line-up are four bands you need to see and know –  you would in fact be mad to miss what is guaranteed to be a night of indie gloriousness. We’ve chosen four great upcoming bands and are only charging a fiver, YES a fiver. We do gigs for the love of the music and the guitar-based music scene, not because we want to make money. We are passionate about both and we only look to take enough to pay the venue, give the bands something and put on a decent food and drink rider. Do we want to ever make money from this? Yes, of course we do but reputation and trust is something that has to be built and we’re willing to wait a little longer for our BMW and swimming pool in the back garden. 

We put a big emphasis on our friendly DIY scene with bands supporting each other and everybody getting stuck in and connecting giving everyone involved a great experience! You can guarantee a friendly atmosphere at any gig we put on.

ANYWAY enough about us, here’s bit about the important people – the bands – and why we think they deserve to be on your radar and getting you off your sofas…


If you aren’t already listening to the devastatingly brilliant Cleargreen, you should be. I met the band a few years ago when they came to Sheffield to play a Northern Exposure Live Lounge and we were blown away. The vocals delivered by Aleister Staley were strong, powerful and oozing with passion – it was all brilliant and both me and Ash were mesmerised. I remember a particular track of theirs that really stood out: ‘A Song For Them’. Check it out below.

I remember sat thinking, watching and listening back then ,’Wow, these guys have really got something’. Unsurprisingly, they’ve grown an even bigger following since our first meeting. This is not just a band playing music, but brilliant musicians who put on a show not easily forgotten. Their latest single (‘To Be Understood) In My Paradise’ is also below.



A stunning live band, I first saw The Kavaliers back in 2016 and was immediately impressed by their tight showmanship and infectious guitar-driven tracks. I fell in love with them and believed in them so much that we went on to manage them. Hailing from Doncaster the band have been playing up and down the country and attracting a growing fan base. With a busy gig schedule that looks set to propel the band to the forefront of the underground scene, this is energetic and melodic indie-rock at its best. 



This almost-Mancunian five-piece are quickly rising to be one of the buzz bands definitely worth paying some attention to. They recently played in Paris at Le Truskel, where the crowd and promoter Malina was besotted by them. They have since played dates across Manchester and the North West including at Night and Day Cafe and the Castle Hotel. The band has perfected an infectious indie sound that has given them an edge when putting on their live shows. Things are definitely snowballing fast for The Attic Doctors…



I’ve known Scarborough’s indie rockers Stray Scene for around two years now and I’m a huge fan. They are a of mix of indie /retro/alternative rock and always whip crowds into a frenzy with Radio 1’s Jericho Keys describing their live gigs as ‘pure carnage’. Their tracks are a superb blend of rhythmic beats, catchy lyrics and excellent guitar riffs.  They have had their tracks played on BBC Introducing radio stations and as well as playing dates with This Feeling last year and ourselves for Musicians Against Homelessness. 







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