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As a new resident of the music haven that is Mancunia, I thought the best way for me to ease myself into the nightlife and music scene was to attend a This Feeling zone at much loved bar/venue Jimmy’s in the Northern Quarter. Having been involved with This Feeling London for quite some time now, it was lovely seeing how things were done up north. There was no difference between the two – still the same, fun, family vibe that This Feeling are proud advocates of. 

Saturday’s This Feeling boasted an array of talent from Oldham based band Shadow Palace to Stockport’s Purple Merlin to headliners, my good friends, The Americas

The Americas have had a colossal summer – from playing various festivals across the country with This Feeling to releasing their third single ‘Something’s Gonna Happen’ at the end of August; and this is just the start. 

Hot from their show at The Magnet in Liverpool just the night before, The Americas were refreshed enough for their stint at Jimmy’s which went down a storm. They opened their set with new single ‘Something’s Gonna Happen’ – a tune with enough power to instigate some unspeakable snakehips from frontman Harry and some fist pumping from a random bloke in the crowd. 

They followed this absolute anthem with a song likely to inspire nostalgia. ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ was played for the first time at Jimmy’s and it was written at Isle of Wight Festival 2017 – if you were there, you’d know that IOW was almost like a reincarnation of the 1967 Summer of Love; the weather was beautiful and the people even more so. The Americas guitarist Aaron Whittaker said “When that comes out I think everyone who was there is gonna relate you know… It’s a song about just escaping to a little bubble of music and kicks… a little slice of freedom and never wanting to leave” And rightly so – keep those minces peeled for this tune when seeing The Americas – it’s a proper ‘lighters in the air’ kind of tune. 

The Americas classics ‘Hot Minute’ and ‘Tenth Day of May’ came next and frontman Harry got so into both songs that his right leg started shaking as he hopped around the stage, proving to those who hadn’t seen The Americas before that they know how to put on a show. 

Their fifth and penultimate offering was ‘Rosanna’ and in true Americas style, Harry and Aaron called out to the crowd to see if they could find a girl with the same name and of course, a geezer was there to respond to it to which they replied “the original Rosanna was sexier… not that you’re not sexy, of course”. As ever, the catchy chorus got everyone dancing and singing the name ‘Rosanna’ over and over again. I wonder if we will ever get to know who Rosanna is..?

So Hard to Be’ closed The Americas stint at Jimmy’s and it was evident that their whole set went down a storm. With merch that’s becoming semi-iconic, punters were buying t-shirts a’plenty. 

This Feeling’s Radio X TOTW is ‘Something’s Gonna Happen’ from The Americas, tune into Gordon Smart after 9pm.




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