Sour Tusk, Steal The City and Fear Lies packed out the O2 last Friday. An unexpected delivery for a member of Servers meant Sour Tusk had to step in, and despite the last minute alteration Sour Tusk still provided an incredible set for the crowd. Hairography seemed to be key for Drummer Nic Rudd, and for a two piece the stage didn’t appear empty in the slightest. The band provided no frills rock; simply a guitar, drums and two vocalists – a killer combination for this duo.

Steal The City followed Sour Tusk, a Sheffield home – grown rock band consisting of childhood friends Sam Bantock (lead vocals and bass), Tom Smith (guitar), Joe Hanson (guitar) and Ellis Bullement (drums). A heavy bassline and vocals that fit exceedingly well into the bands overall sound got the crowd excited to hear more to the point multiple new fans were asking for CD’s after the show. Their interaction with the audience was undoubtedly one of the best I have seen, encouraging the crowd to get involved and sing along with their newer tracks and engaging us all with a loud stage presence. Their coordination was sharp yet unrehearsed, which really showed these guys enjoy being on stage together and are passionate about what they do. I managed to catch up with their guitarist Joe Hanson who said that it is the ‘best crowd participation we’ve ever had, there’s something about hearing other people sing your own songs that’s really humbling’. I’m really looking forward to their release of ‘My Beating Heart’, a fan favourite as well as a fantastic finish to their set.

Steal The City

Four piece thunderous, anthemic rock group Fear Lies took to the stage last to be met with a room filled with dedicated fans donned in the group’s ‘eat sleep rock repeat’ merchandise. Opening with ‘Army of you’ was clearly a crowd pleaser, causing the whole crowd to be engrossed straight from the start. The band easily sailed through technical difficulties, showing not only their professionalism but also dedication to pleasing their fans.

The use of a variety of mics created a unique sound, which worked well with lead singer Ben Orrah’s voice. The crowd was gifted with two new tracks, which got everyone excited for their new album after their incredible success from their debut album Elements. Well deserved high fives were given after their remarkable performance, which showed how much each and every fan appreciate and enjoy this group.

All three bands on Friday showed qualities more groups should have, as they all demonstrated great appreciation for the reason they are where they are: their fans. Sour Tusk, Steal The City and Fear Lies are all available to be streamed on Soundcloud, with more gig dates and exciting new tracks to be released soon.

Branwyn harris


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