Hailing from the Sheffield and dubbed by Fred Perry and Ths Feeling as ‘Ones to watch’ Liberty Ship are quickly making a name for themselves as one of the next exciting bands to come out of the city. Liberty Ship have toured with the likes of King Charles, Reverend and The Makers, and  played their own sold out home-town shows. They were also chosen from over 1500 applicants to open the main stage at 2015’s Tramlines Festival. They have supported Joe Carnall Jnr at his 2015 Xmas Show which featured performances from various members of Milburn, Reverend & the Makers, The Subways, The Zutons and Arctic Monkeys. They also were asked by Sheffields Milburn to open up their gig at their triumphant sold out, four night run at O2 Academy Sheffield.

Summer of 2016 proved the band’s ongoing success when they were invited to play some of the UK’s biggest festivals including Isle of Wight, Kendal Calling, Y Not and Leeds Festival.
Their debut single, “Learning to Fly” and it’s follow-up, “Don’t Wish” were playlisted on indie radio stations all around the world including the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and across the USA from New York to LA and the fantastic artwork for each of their releases comes courtesy of Sheffield’s world renowned graffiti artist, illustrator and MC; Kid Acne”

Brad from Northern Exposure catches up with them before their last home gig at The Leadmill, Sheffield supporting The Wired on Friday 16th of December.

Tonight we are here with Liberty Ship at Leadmill Sheffield just before they take to the stage for their opening set covering The Wired. First of all, guys tell me a bit about your band and how long you’ve been Together?

Lewis– We’ve been going for about 8 years now. We started off as school mates with the passion to form a band, we all couldn’t even play at the time James had to play his base with it rested on the side but we’ve progressed since then and been going strong ever since.

Can you tell me who your major influences are and were to form Liberty Ship?

Lewis- It started off with the first Arctic monkey’s album absolutely hammering it like everyone from Sheffield did, becoming obsessed with it then wanting to form a band and follow in their footsteps. But we’ve all got our own influences like northern soul, rock and Britpop like stone roses. But as you get older you start to get more into it and realise what you like to play but with all our different musical influences it’s nice to come together as a band and put all these into our songs.

Who writes the songs and what inspiration do you get to write them?

Lewis- Mainly Jack and Lewis they enjoy writing the songs and them bringing them to the rest of the band to work our magic over them. But there’s been many songs that we’ve just jammed out then put the lyrics over the top. We use to write a lot of songs about girls and going on nights out but it’s started to get too much overdone. Now we just like to write about how shit working life is that everyone can relate to. Jack and Lewis on a Tuesday night like to sit and having writing sessions, like one night it was raining outside so they wrote a song on how miserable it was. But we’ve got tunes for ages about working life and hating your bosses.

Now I want no lying with this question, I want to know tour musical guilty pleasures?

Lewis- Kieran you can start because you went to see Take That live.

James- Mines got to be busted

Kieran- Michael Buble he’s a right g. releases an album every Christmas for your mum and your nan, he’s hustling.

Lewis- I don’t mind a mind a bit of Ed Sheeran every now and then.

Jack- Yeah oreyt mines got to be Robbie Williams, yeah take that had all dance routines and that but he left them and let me entertain you and angels are absolute bangers. But only the first few tunes he released was class.

If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

Lewis- The Everly Brothers for me

Jack- It’d have to be Bob Marley for me

Kieran- Definitely Freddie mercury

Kieran- Can I do a Ringo Star drumming collaboration album?

What has been your biggest challenge as a band and what did you do to overcome that?

Lewis- I don’t think there’s really been a massive challenge I mean just to try and get out there and get notice is a challenge in its self. But you overcome that by just doing what bands do and gig all time. Days like today is a challenge when you’re trying to juggle being in the band and work, you’ve got to work to fund what you want to do but this is our lives if we could drop out and do this we fully we would. We’ve done some big gigs but we’ve had some like in Wigan when we’ve played to next to no one and promote fucks off without paying us and we had to pay for the van hire out of our money. But like tonight’s going to be a class gig and sometimes you have to play a handful of shit gigs to get the good gigs you want.

What advice to you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Lewis- Don’t bother. There’s no money become a DJ. No, we’re kidding it all depends on where you’re from really like Sheffield bands everyone targets Arctic Monkeys, Millburn and Reverend straight away stuff like that and it’s all about trying to find your own sound. If you think about it there’s been 60 years of rock and roll it’s hard to try and find your own sound, but it is possible just don’t rush into anything and take your time. Like we know bands that have been together about 6 months and they already want to do gigs, just chill out don’t rush into it and make sure your tunes are spot on first. In a years’ time, you want to be proud with the tunes you’ve got. We look back at tunes we wrote when we were like 13 and we can’t help but cringe a bit but it’s a massive learning curve when you look back. There’s plenty of time for gigging and all that jazz. Crack on.

So you’ve just got off tour with Reverend and the Makers what was the tour like?

Lewis- Johns a nice guy we’ve done gigs with them before. Thing with john is he likes to give stick out but he just can’t take it back but it’s always a laugh with him. All their tunes are absolute bangers so it was nice to see them stripped down and a lot more intimate but it still was LIT (Quoted by James).

So you’ve got one gig left after tonight in Manchester how’s the tour been?

Lewis- It’s been wicked this year’s been our best year by far we’ve played some unreal festivals and got a good roadie that’s cheap as owt. But I think he’s hoping for a good pension like.

Have you got any funny stories from your previous tours?

Lewis- Have we got anything PG? I don’t think we fucking do PG. There was that night in Dublin when Kieran threw up on his own nob. We got on it after our gig supped about 10 pints of Guinness and we asked him if he wanted a shot of tequila. Got him one he did it and ran straight to toilet. We followed him in and he’s stood there having a piss, asked him if he was oreyt then he started throwing up on his dick. Toilets full of blokes having a piss and all you can see is Kieran’s sick just coming down urinal and everyone looking at him thinking you dirty bastard.

What’s been the most rock and roll thing you’ve done as a band?

Lewis- It involves a table and a window, basically, we got told we wasn’t ‘Rock and Roll enough’. A band said to us you’re oreyt you lot but you just aren’t very rock and roll so we said you fucking what saw a table and out it went. It’s stupid now when we think about it because if there was anyone underneath they’d have been a fucking pancake. It’s not very rock and roll now days though is it like teles out of the window and all that its flat screen teles now it’s like frisbeeing it out who the fuck wants to do that. But yeah that was in Manchester.

So finally what can we look forward to from liberty ship in 2017?

Lewis- New music and a shit tonne of gigs and merch because everyone loves a bit of merch don’t they. We want to get back in studio, we’ve just finished last 2 tracks we’ve been working on for our new ep we’ve got coming out at the start of the year. We’ve been working on with Eddi Cosens (Reverand and the Makers) who’s an unbelievable musician, so yeah,  new music and all that jazz.

Liberty Ship play Sheffield’s Outlines Festival on 3rd March 2017

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