Northern Exposure photographer Imogen Thomas caught up with Judas recently at Monarch in Camden and at the Ynot festival over here on the outskirts of Sheffield. Imogen spent a few days with the guys and describes them as super light hearted, with constant banter between them.


An emerging 4 piece alternative rock and roll band from the four corners of the UK, JUDAS sound like the love child of the Kings of Leon and U2, whilst being a fistful of youthful energy live. Their first EP is available now at shows and online and tracks from it have been featured on XFM, BBC Introducing and Sky One, whilst JUDAS maintain an explosive presence at major festivals and venues up and down the nation. The lead track from their debut EP; Call Me is available to download for free now on the site.

(Taken from Judas Website )

Tell me about your band and major influences….

Sam: We’re a 4 piece Rock band from London
Todd: We’re actually from all over the UK but all united in London and that’s where we’re based.
Sam: We’re influenced by loads of different people but I suppose our main ones would be U2 and kings of Leon
John: All the greats! Elvis Presley, Stereophonics, Kasabian, pretty much a bit of everything and make it our own.

How long have you all known each other?

Sam: Well me, James and John have known each other for a couple of years now but Todd joined the band about a year ago. But we all feel like family already.
John: One big happy Judas family haha


How did you meet ?

All: Tinder! (Laughs)
Sam: Haha no being serious though, John moved to London from Liverpool in search for a band and found me and our old guitarist on a band website, he knew James already. Then Todd joined 9 months ago. we knew him through the grapevine I suppose.
John: He had an honest face and turned out to be an amazing guitarist

What are you favourite venues?

Sam: Bodega in Nottingham is good
John: NME arena!
Sam: I actually really like the Lexington too !
Todd + John: Yeah completely agree the Lexington is great


Where has been your favourite place you’ve performed so far?

John: KoKo in London !
Sam: The festivals this year have been great
John: Y not, main stage at truck festival and IOW have probably been our highlights so far !

Who writes your songs?

Todd: John !
Sam: The hit maker haha

What are the main topics for most of your songs?

Todd: Johns antics haha
Sam: Woman and love
John: Also about good times and funny memories. A lot of our tunes are actually really funny you just wouldn’t know it, we have a lot of inside jokes haha. Even the serious ones have a lot of jokes in there.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

John: Finding a new guitarist!


What advice do you have to people trying to start their own bands?

John: Make sure you find people you actually get along with!
Sam: Yeah if your not the best of friends it would be really hard, we spend 95% of our time together and it’s great, we have so much fun and always are making each other laugh. No wonder we all matched each other on tinder haha !

Have you got any upcoming shows you want the readers to know about?

John: All of them ! Haha
Sam: We’re excited about Brighton, we’re supporting The Island Club. All the dates and shows are on our website

How can fans to be access your music ?

John: Go on www.wearejudas.com
Todd: You can get access to Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube from there !
Sam: And if you come to our gigs you’ll get a free CD !

Weapon of choice: (Instrument)

Sam: Didgeridoo!
John: or saxophone !

Objectives as a band:

John: Well, too get people to listen to our music and play lots of shows!



Football team:

Liverpool FC!!

Guilty pleasure (Tune?)

John: (Laughs) Natasha Bedingfield

Music hero:

John: Chris Martin is pretty good, he writes songs for days and is actually a well nice guy.

Threads? (Clothing shop?)

All: The Kooples


John: Chelsea boots
Sam: Brown suede Chelsea boots

Drink? (Alcoholic)

John: (sings) I like Pina Coladas !


All: The Ostrich burgers we had at y Not !

Gig you wish you been at?

All: The Beatles at the Shea Stadium

If you could have a night out with anyone, who would it be?

John: Will Ferrell would be a laugh !

Film soundtrack?

Todd: I love Lord of the rings ! Haha
John: Snatch or Drive
Sam: I watched entourage the other day and the music on that was good !

Top 3 tunes of all time?

John: Aerosmith I don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
Sam: Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin !
Todd: Baba O’Reilly by The Who

Keep your tabs on Judas by following them here……

Judas You Tube Channel

Judas Twitter

Judas Instagram

Judas Facebook

All Photographs and Interview by Imogen Thomas

Edited by Rachel brown



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