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Indie rock.


James Hope 


Growing up, the first band James Hope ever listened to was The Cranberries; being from an Irish family they were a big influence on him. As he entered his teens, the first album he bought was ‘Never Mind’ by Nirvana which he still listens to now. His favorite band of all time is Oasis. He loves the attitude, emotion and soul, particularly in their first three albums. James Hope started writing music at the age of 15 and joined a number of bands over his teens and early twenties. At home, his dad played a little bit of guitar and bought James one along with a library of Oasis chord books and he taught himself how to play from scratch. Bitten by the bug, he then also taught himself piano, bass and a little drums. After being forced in to taking singing lessons to avoid detentions in school, he stuck with it and rather learned to enjoy them! At 23 years old, he became rather disheartened by the state of the music scene and the issue of children from working class backgrounds losing access to music lessons and tuition in schools and decided that he needed to record his music and become a voice for those around him. Hailing from Leeds, he feels very passionately about the demise of opportunity for kids in his area and wants to redress this and be a social commentator for his community. His main influences are bands from the north of England especially those established Manchester bands of the 1980’s and 1990’s: Oasis, Stone Roses, James and so on. Harking back to his formative years, he also loves the melodies played by certain Irish bands such as The Pogues and The Cranberries. James’ lyrics reflect growing up in a working-class community in Leeds and the issues he’s faced in his own life. ‘Every lyric I have ever written means something to me and even if it doesn’t make sense to the listener there is a hidden meaning in there somewhere. I love this way of writing because it gets them to picture the story of my life which I’m trying to portray in my music. I also know many of my circumstances other people will have faced so it’s also relatable. James is currently working on his debut album and dates for gigs which will be announced soon.

‘The aim of this album is to inspire kids to pick up a guitar and start writing their own music and hopefully I can show them it’s still cool to be in a band.’ James Hope


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